Restaurant Review : The Cheesecake Factory

Restaurant Review : The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory Menu

One of my favorite TV shows The Big Bang Theory, boasts Penny as a waitress of the Cheesecake Factory. The group frequents the restaurant. Most of the time Penny is working the restaurant, and just about always vows to have Sheldon behave, or someone may spit in his food. I can tell you that I also frequent the restaurant and I can tell you that like many restaurants, as the necessity to improve their business client’s increase, so does the specials for the consumer. The Cheese Cake Factory lunch menu is geared to get you in and get you out, with a nice lunch meal for a little price.

This company is located primarily in the United States and currently operates 139 full service and casual dining restaurants in major cities around the world. Many people believe that their menu is extensive and expensive and I do not believe so. I believe that for the money that they charge, the portions are immense. After all you are dining in a restaurant that has large options and lavish decor, and what else but a variety of cheesecake desserts for the final touch.

With an offering of a casual dining experience, and some of the deserts available, the menu contains well over 200 selections of food and 50 different cheesecakes and desserts. My favorite as well as that of my families is the Mango Cheesecake. Some of the others that we have tried and given the two thumbs up are the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake, truly something amazing to cap off a diner or lunch.

Cheesecake factory dessert menu – specialties of the house

Many of the cheesecakes that are available at the restaurant are also available as to go cakes. So if you want to experience the great taste of these deserts, you can stop by pick one up and take it with you. Many times, while we are out for a walk in the Pembroke park area, we will eat somewhere else and drop by for a cheesecake dessert. They have the inside cheesecake bar, that makes it easy for you to stop on by and grab desert without having to wait for a table. This place is so popular in my area, that seldom on a Saturday night is the wait less than 30-40 minutes. A true tribute to the food they serve as well as the quality of the food.

This restaurant offers cuisine from many different cultures, like Malaysian, Caribbean, Thai, aside from the very European style food. They also offer online services, and you can order food to go. They also offer cheesecakes to all parts of the world and they deliver them straight to customers in dry ices, I am always on the look for the free cheesecake vouchers. During this last holiday season, they ran a special that was just about as good as any other promotion that I have ever taken advantage of. The promotion offered one free cheesecake (your choice) for the purchase of a $25.00 gift card right there from the restaurant itself. The gift cards could be used that same day. So I purchased four (4) of them this gave me an instant $100.00 off of my bill with the gift cards, and four (4) free cheesecakes, any one you wish, to be used in a future trip to the Cheesecake Factory good through the month of March of the following year. This is one promotion that I will be on the look-out for this year as well. Just love the food there, so does my family…