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Successful Job Interview

Job Interview Success – Make Them Hire You!

Hello and welcome to the jobless world! This is what we usually hear from people as we receive our college diploma. Getting a job is a major dilemma for most people especially for fresh graduates. In recent years owing to global recession, many people have lost their jobs and its effect has been widely felt. Consequently, competition for employment has reached a peak and the only way to survive is to get ahead of others. How? Make employers hire you! You can get started right here with this fantastic free job search link. Getting a job is never easier than this!

Hopefully, you have already filled out your free online job application above, and now we can move on. To sell yourself in a job interview, think of yourself as the interviewer. Assume what it is that you are looking for from a new employee. Focus on what the employer needs and you will become an applicant that no employer could resist.

To start with, carry out extensive research to find out as much as you can about the company that you are applying to. Familiarize yourself with their mission/vision, their major customers and the company’s economic stability. The more information you uncover, the more confidently you can answer the questions of the interviewer. Study the job description for the post you are applying for. Evaluate your own skills and compare them to what is expected from a candidate. Rate yourself as to how versed you are with the skills required. After evaluating, identify your strengths and practice how you will explain at the interview the ways they complement the job requirement. Cite some specific examples of how can you do the job and practice how to present them fluently and wittily.

In an interview remember that first impressions last, so ensure that you make a winning one. Be prompt, keep eye contact and initiate a handshake as appropriate. “Dress to kill” – wear your best outfit, but dress for the occasion. Coming to an interview wearing a dress that is one notch beyond what is expected for the position can give you better opportunities to be noticed by the employers. Look for something that you and the interviewer may have in common. If you have the resources, find out a little personal information about the interviewer. Who knows? Both of you may come from the same school, club or organization, or you may have common friends, interests, etc. Any common ground that you find with the interviewer may help you establish a rapport and eventually give you an edge over the competition. Be careful not to exaggerate otherwise you will just look desperate.

Employers sometimes see a personal weakness as a reason not to offer a job, so work on any that you have identified. Transform your weakness to a potential strength using such phrases as “I have not done internet marketing but I am an internet savvy person. I spend plenty of time browsing the net so I am confident I can learn the process in no time.” Always try to compose answers and explanations so as to show confidence.

During the interview, cite some specific and practical examples to show why you are well suited to the job. Ask relevant questions that demonstrate real interest in the company. Given the opportunity, ask the interviewer why the position became open and how the company treats its employees. This is also one way of finding out what kind of organization you will be working with.

Finally, demonstrate how you can be a problem solver. Companies hire employees to solve an existing problem, so show them that you can produce a solution. During your research, you may be able to identify some company issues and identify how you can resolve them. Be enthusiastic, friendly and honest. After the interview, send a thank you note to the interviewer and mention some notable topic discussed between you during the interview. If you do all these things well, no employer will be able to resist taking you on!

The Nike Online Shop

The Nike Online Shop

One of the most popular worldwide branded names in the sneaker industry is Nike. Leaders in Nike shoes for women, and Nike shoes for men. A brand that deems respect when laying down the big bucks for rubber and leather. What about the high end stuff? The Lebron’s, the Jordans, and Air Force 1? Many times sneakers are just a status symbol. They are glorified by rappers, athletes, and everyday common folk, just trying to make a fashion statement. I will admit, I buy them. From time to time, I will plunk down a couple of hundred here and there for Jordan’s or Lebron’s. I am a fan of both players, and lucky enough to have seen them both perform.

When deciding the value of sneakers, top names like Nike, Adidas, Puma (which is attempting a comeback) and many more are always up there. More bang for the buck to put it bluntly. However, the Nike Air Jordan’s have taken and secured a place in the sneaker market that has created a frenzy for quite some time, and has no intentions of letting. With multiple releases during the holidays, the chances of getting a pair of these newest, latest releases at the retail price of about $200.00 is far and few in between.

Nike limits the sneakers, and the outlets like the Nike Shop, Nike online shop, Champs, House of Hoops, Foot Locker and others have resorted to a raffle system, that has left many scratching their heads for answers as they turn up empty with opportunities to get the sneakers desired.

Many including myself believe that the process is flawed. Calls are made with one or two rings, and then upon call back the phone number is not a workable number. In the eyes of the public this system leads to people abusing the system for friendships, and or personal gain. If you think wearing sneakers is just that, wearing sneakers, you are so wrong. It has become a big business, and I am a firm believer that it will not go away anytime soon in the land of capitalism. Good luck getting the sneakers on your list.

Dear Matthew – Confirmation

Dear Matthew,

When I first became a father with my daughter (Janelle) I was quickly able to put what I knew to be decent fatherhood skills into effect. My daughter was warm and gentle, growing up she also needed her daddy more times than not, and a few more times than her mommy (this made me feel good). I was sure after her birth and during her early years that all I wanted to have were girls. They were cute and cuddly, and warm and I already mentioned that they needed their daddies it seemed for everything. Then, came November 10, 2000. With it came the birth of my first son, Matthew.

As a father of two now, my attention was split into two children, and I was a proud papa of a bouncing baby boy. I cannot explain in words what it felt like to have a boy. As I looked at you I often wondered if you only knew that one day you would be the head of your household, and maybe even mine. As you grew I watched you be determined, responsible, smart and a very handsome young boy. But as I reflect on your gift of life which was given to me by God and what it really meant, I only have to think back to every time you go to bed, or wake up or leave my side. You are the most affectionate, and loving son any man can ever want or hope for. Growing up my family was always very affectionate, and I can only imagine that you received that from me. I always shared a kiss and a hug with my dad. Those are things that feel good, and as parents a hug and a kiss is equally assuring for us as they are for our children and just as beneficial.

I want to take this moment to thank you for the man that you are quickly becoming. I want to thank you for all the hugs and kisses, because so many of them came at a moment in my life when that was what I needed the most. I don’t know how you knew it but you seemed to know when it was the right time for a son to hug his father. These days it seems to be what I draw strength from, I love you and who you are, and I am so proud of this next step that you are taking in your religious confirmation of faith.

Love your dad!

Playstation 4 Vs. XBOX 1 Review

sodaheadPlaystation 4 Vs. XBOX 1

OK, so as a parent of multiple kids, it was bound to happen. One was going to want the Playstation 4 and the other the XBOX 1, thanks for both companies for launching them this year, it made my gift giving easy. As a parent that tries to please his kids, so long as the boundaries of education are met and overall chores around the house as well, this is what the holidays allows us to do as parents, spoil our kids. I want to once again reiterate that the overall experience of obtaining these top of the line gaming consoles was not much of a challenge, and for the most part their numbers of people not getting them was also full of fluff, at least on the XBOX 1 side. But wanting the Playstation 4 or the XBOX 1 and getting them could have become tricky if the plan was not in place.

Gamestop Had The Plan

I would like to thank Gamestop for their consideration for their clients and faithful. Because of them I was able to get the first console which was the Playstation 4 in November and I did it with very little inconvenience. Their policy and program to get these into the hands of the consumers was extraordinary, and I believe I mentioned this already once in a previous post but it is most certainly worth stating again. So long as you were in line at a respectable 3:30 p.m. you were able to purchase one of the opening day Playstation 4 consoles. I was and I did. They sold these to the public at 6:00 p.m. and issued a number to you at that time. I was number 18. Now I could go home and know that I was guaranteed one unit. Then I returned to make the midnight line at about 11:30 p.m. and the sales commenced at midnight. The whole process for me which I had number 18 took about 30 minutes. They were extremely organized allowing three people to enter at once, purchase their consoles and other equipment and leave the store. There was security which is a big deal, and everyone was happy with their purchase.

The XBOX 1 Purchase

I purchased this console in Walmart. Now granted I never pre-ordered any of these consoles. I did not happen to regret that. I could have done this at either Gamestop or Walmart, or Best Buy for as little as $25.00. I am glad that I did not end up regretting doing that. My buddies could not guarantee the same success at Gamestop and besides every retail store that I called stated the same thing, there will not be enough XBOX 1 consoles. I cannot to this day believe that. Come Christmas Eve they were all over the place. I do not know if they simply did not sell as well, or were people trying to avoid the extra $100.00. Like I stated earlier, I had no choice because both were on the Christmas list at my home. Anyway I did what I never though I would do. Shop on Thanksgiving Day. I am glad I did, because getting the XBOX 1 when the fear was instilled in me that I would not, could not have been any easier.

Shopping At Walmart Thanksgiving Day

Walmart really outdid themselves with their master-plan design for holiday shopping. They basically broke down the store and the hottest items into different shopping times and zones within the store. The XBOX 1 was going to be a 6:00 p.m. item in the Walmart Superstore near me. The process equally simple. Be in line at 6:00 p.m. and get a wristband that the Walmart associate would place around your wrist. They basically had 150 XBOX 1 systems, and I was number 9. The wristband to prove it, I was guaranteed an XBOX 1 and my fear and beliefs that this was all a promotional hoax to get people to scatter out and purchase the XBOX 1 was confirmed when I left with my XBOX 1 there were no people left in line, and still about 100 XBOX 1’s in their own pile. Nevertheless, I was happy to have one. My list was almost complete. With not many games out by the time Christmas Eve came around, I was able to secure them all without any trouble. Below is a short list of most of the games that are out right now for both consoles.

  • Assassins Creed (Playstation 4)
  • Ghost Call Of Duty (Both)
  • NBA 2k (Both)
  • Madden NFL (Both)
  • Justice League Unlimited (Playstation 4)
  • Battlefield 4 (Both)
  • FIFA 14 (Playstation 4)
  • Dead Rising 3 (XBOX 1)

The Review XBOX 1 VS. Playstation

The XBOX 1 offers plenty of little toys and cool gadgets but to be honest there has to be some work put in to be able to actually use them. Nothing major but recording of the voice features and also visual with the camera. That brings me to the next point I wanted to make about both of these consoles. The difference in prices between the two is mostly because the XBOX 1 comes with the camera necessary to make all those fancy tools work. If you were to purchase the camera for the Playstation 4 the cost will be roughly $100.00, so there is really no difference between the two, the price holds true at about $500.00 each console if you want to even them up. So which one is right for you? I can tell you that the true gaming system appears to be the XBOX 1. I have no real bugs to report yet on either system, I really have not played them much but I can tell you that I prefer the XBOX 1 for what it is worth. The overall feel of the controller is part of the reason. Do you have an XBOX 1 or Playstation bug to report. If you send it to me, I will publish it. Feel free and keep on gaming.

Craz Loom Bands A Great Mind Pastime

Cra-Z-LoomCraz Loom Silicone Bands

There are new looms around and they are Craz. That’s right Craz Looms. The new silicone kraze that is taking up the time of America’s youth and all over the world, and it is not a video game, go figure!

When my daughter first came home with a silicone rubber band with cool colors, I asked her “Where did you get that?”…She replied “At school it was just $2.00.” At first I was shocked, not over the $2.00 dollars. But by the fact that she had bought this from another student in her school. I was like what the heck, they should be studying not learning to sell and barter and whatever else you want to call this. But when I watched her excitement over owning one, and asking for a kit. I figured that if I get them all off of the video games and doing something exciting with their hands and creating art, something visual and special, then I figured that this could be a positive thing.

That was over three months ago, and they are still hooked. I know that this is something that will possibly fizzle out, but for the mean time, I am happy they are doing something collectively and using their brain power for something other than video games. I am including the links to the Amazon store where I purchase my supplies for the kids. It is cheap and the delivery is fast. However you do not have to use this link, you could visit stores like Toys R Us, and Walmart for supplies. I just found that most of the above listed stores issue their silicone bands on Saturdays and they were gone for the most part by the time I arrived each week. With Amazon there is no wasting of time, and more importantly for my kids disappointment. Plus which kid does not like to get a surprise in the mail every now and then.


Trip To New York City – Part 1

thesundaypapercouponsBrooklyn U.S.A

OK, when is the last time you really went somewhere you really liked? Some place like NYC. The city that does not sleep. This is one claim that is so real about New York City. I am born and raised in Brooklyn. A family of immigrants like just about everyone in the United States. My family descends from Cuba. My father moved to NY in 1959 from Cuba, and we never looked back. I was born in Brooklyn in 1965 and I am going to recount my last trip or vacation to NYC. In this post I am going to give you outs to save money, and share my trip and experience as my family (wife and kids) visited for the first time. Anytime you see my resources there is a surprise plan to save you money so feel free to check those out. Here is the first one: My resources.

Coney Island in July

I flew into Laguardia, NY on July 22. There are plenty of things to do in NY in the Summer and Coney Island is one of them. For those native New Yorkers like me. Coney Island is not on the grand scale of appearance like it was for a 12 year old, back in the day. But it was grand nonetheless. Shades of the “Warriors”, no. The Warriors was one of my all-time favorite movies back in the day. The film ends with Coney Island and the battle between the “Rifts” and “the Warriors”. Coney Island is just one of those places that you have to visit when in Brooklyn. It sits on the water, and the boardwalk is pretty much rebuilt since the super-storm hit NY and NJ.

Trip To NYC

Before we get into the many tourist scenes and sites for you to plan a trip to New York around, let us get into a the savings cost of the trip. Now it all depends on how many people are traveling in your party so in this first post, part 1, I will show you how to save money on your next vacation. Hopefully it will be to NYC, my hometown and one hell of a vacation state. Here are some helpful tips for you, and feel free to check on my resources to save you money. My resources.

Tips: My Resources!

  • Car Rentals are way cheaper in New Jersey almost over 50%!
  • It is cheaper to stay at a hotel at New Jersey, just across the Hudson River.
  • There are plenty of tip saving ways to cross the Hudson River each day.
  • Use the Brooklyn Bridge for free to cross from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
Breyers Ice Cream Coupons And Flavors

Breyers Ice Cream Coupons And Flavors

breyers logo

Breyers Ice Cream Coupons And Flavors

The very best Vanilla ice cream, coupled with Breyers ice cream coupons combine for an incredible taste – and savings winning combo every single time. I love ice cream and I love to save money on coupons. I love printable coupons online even more, saves that complete hassle of having to cut them out and most of the time it is just a simple process. Just click and print and save for most of the companies. Get incredible savings today right here and make your next trip to the supermarket one that will save you more money and everything that is important in your life. Get your coupons right now for instant savings right here!

Chocolate, Vanilla, And Strawberry Ice Cream

With so many companies making ice cream, it is hard to stick to one brand like Breyers Ice Cream. However, I am loyal to the Breyers Ice Cream coupons because they seem to be more readily available than other brands of ice cream and their coupons. In fact, I use them every chance I can get my hands on them. Coupons are the best way to save money on grocery purchases. After all, Breyers has the right flavors and the right quality, and a name like Breyers has to deliver the very best and has been around my family for over 50 years. Such incredible flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Napolitano for those that cannot chose between the three great flavors. If you fancy special flavors like Rocky Road, Chocolate mint, Butter Pecan, they have those too.

Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors

Companies like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream take the fun out of what used to be wholesum with good old ice cream. Diluting the flavors and making people forget what used to be the norm with ice cream and what I call the big three flavors. Still all in all, I have nothing against the fine people of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company, I just like the regular flavors and enjoy them so much more. For my memories and taste buds, give me the Breyers Ice cream and a Breyer’s coupon to go with it for savings that are out of this world.

For me, Ice cream has been a post dinner treat for the better part of 45 years, and I enjoy a cup of ice cream just as much as any desert. With a household of six (6) people, it is hard to find an ice cream that we all can agree on, but Vanilla seems to be the favorite amongst the group. In hundreds of people polled, the number one flavor amongst all ice cream eaters, is just that Vanilla! Do not forget to go shopping with your coupons, much of what can turn this economy around is savings, and I always get mine. Get your Breyers Ice Cream coupons right here!

Prayer Answered For Woman And Dog

Prayer Answered For Woman And Dog

Woman Reunited With Terrier Dog

During the wrath of the Tornado’s in the great state of Oklahoma, there has been great destruction, followed by unbelievable and even greater resolve by American’s everywhere. The nature of these disasters always leaves behind destruction, but it also leaves behind great stories of rescue efforts, and touching caring moments that define people’s lives everywhere.

This video is no different as a woman rejoices that she prayed to God and asked for two things, and she believed that only one of those prayers were answered. She was wrong, they both were. Dogs have always been a part of my life, and I cannot relate with the damages and horror that she endured, but the moment when the dog and it’s owner are reunited, is something I will never forget. Thank you God for always being there in our most times of need. Amen.

The Zepherhills Powerball Winner

The Zepherhills Powerball Winner

The largest jackpot Power-Ball winner from Zephyr-hills Florida has yet to come forward. This is now two weeks since the winner of the largest jackpot in Power-Ball history matched all 5 numbers plus the Power-ball. It is typical for winners of large jackpots like this to take the time and figure out what the best course of action is, and the least amount of penalty for the surge of increased wages in regards to claiming this ticket as an individual or LLC. entity.

There is also the possibility that this can be a group winning. Although with this delay this scenario is highly unlikely. There is more likely hood that the winner not a local but is from out of town, all of this of course is just pure speculation on my part as a writer of lucky winnings and a follower of the largest jackpots in the U.S.

The Power-Ball has boasted some of the largest lottery winners of all time, and there is no chance that this information will not be brought to the media the minute the winner steps forward. We will bring you the update once this happens. Until then, keep dreaming, keep playing!

Get Into Shape – Your Review

Get Into Shape – Your Review

How Do I Get Into Shape?

Most people want the answer to the following question. How do I get into shape? I know that you think it is easier said than done. To some degree I will not disagree with you. However, you do have to ask yourself, how serious are you about this task? Losing weight goes hand in hand with getting into shape, the two must be perfectly choreographed and the final piece is an incredible result that will leave you feeling better than you ever had for sure.

Getting into shape is essential if there is to be quality of life, most of us, and I include myself, live life in a funk and rarely pay attention to anything that we eat. When actually what we eat, is what makes us feel the way we do. Greasy fast food, heavy carb diets, are all that you need to help you feel the worst that you probably ever have. Kids can get away with living life in the early years by cheating on some of the fast food places. However knowing what I know, I have begun to modify the orders that I place at fast food places when we do attend.

Simple modifications like apple juice over soda, apple bites over fries, can take the negative load over some of the choices. However, my great accomplishments are going to the fast food places, and avoiding the food altogether. Learning how to get into shape, helped pave the way for me and it will for you too. Simple steps for you to follow are just moments away…what are you waiting for? Unlock the key to getting into shape and eating right, make this life count.