The Walt Disney World Guide

The Walt Disney World Guide – Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach – A Simple Guide

Many vacationers have to save quite a bit of money to take the family on a Walt Disney World vacation. So, if you are visiting Disney World in Orlando Florida, and you want some time to cool off from the heat, that is the single reason that the Walt Disney Water Parks have become a huge hit with vacationers everywhere. Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach could be just the ticket to help you cool off, and have a blast at the same time. This is just one of the water parks that you can find at Walt Disney World, the other is Typhoon Lagoon, But in many people’s opinion Blizzard Beach is definitely the best.

Inside the water park, expect to find many different water slides to spend a fun packed afternoon, and also multiple water attractions that will keep your interest even if you don’t want to get wet, but expect to get wet for the best fun!

According to recent statistics, Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach is the 2nd most popular water park anywhere around the globe, which means there are always plenty of people around no matter when you decide to go. So keep having fun in mind, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Impatience and long lines. People are usually not wanting to wait lines, but when you vacation at Walt Disney World, this should be expected. However, this is not always ideal, especially if you don’t want to be waiting around for hours on end to gain access to the attractions. So keeping this in mind, it’s always a good idea to get a Fast Access Pass from Disney, so you don’t have to wait at all the attractions like everybody else. Now with the new Magic Bands from Disney, you can store all your information in one place and have that band around your wrist all the time, getting wet or not. Hotel key (on Walt Disney World grounds), attraction rides, and even a spending account.

Just be aware, that Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach closes for approximately 2 months every single year so the theme park staff can carry out essential clean up of the water and park, but these months are usually during the winter. Typically, this is around the beginning of the year, so make sure you are fully aware of the exact dates before booking your trip to Disney World, if water parks is what you want to visit.

Some tips when visiting Blizzard Beach:

Rent a locker

Let’s face it, carrying your valuable items around all day when you want to be having fun in the water is a real hassle. This is why it’s always a good idea to rent a locker at the main entrance, so you can put items such as phone, jewelry, passports and credit cards as well as money safely away. Don’t worry, your belongings will be safe as nobody will have access to the safe other than yourself, and the key comes with a safety band, which you will wear on a wrist.

Avoid the crowds

While Blizzard Beach is busy all year round, if you want to go when there is slightly less of a crowd then it’s advisable to go earlier in the week, such as Monday or Tuesday. This ensures that you won’t have to wait for hours just to go on a water slide. Also, it’s a good idea to go first thing in the morning if you can, as the crowds do start to form around the late morning and early afternoon time period. I really don’t know why, that is usually the time that the storms roll through in Florida.

Eat with Mickey

If you want to see a look of delight on kids faces, then why not book a meal with Mickey Mouse, or any of the other popular Disney characters? This is now very possible at resturants around Disney World and Blizzard Beach, so you can get a real Disney experience and memories to last a lifetime. Just be aware that these meals must be booked 90 days in advance due to the high demand. Here are some of the restaurants that offer characters for either breakfast, lunch, and or dinner:

  • Contemporary Hotel: Chef Mickey’s
  • The Polynesian Hotel: Ohana’s Best Friends
  • The Grand Floridian Hotel: Grand Floridian Cafe
  • The Magic Kingdom: The Crystal Palace, the Cinderella Castle (character dining)


Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a great day out for all ages, and due to the many special discounts being offered by Disney World, there has never been a better time to visit. Have fun!

Secrets to exchanging timeshares into any resort in Interval International

Secrets to exchanging timeshares into any resort in Interval International

Remember when you bought your timeshare and your salesperson showed you the Interval International (II) directory? You were led to believe that all you had to do was deposit your week, request where you want to go and you would be instantly confirmed to stay in a beautifully appointed villa in a 5 star resort.

What you have found is that you can’t get anything you want! You called your resort and got no help there. You called II and all they said was to request more in advance.

Downtown Disney’s T-Rex Cafe Review

Downtown Disney’s T-Rex Cafe Review

Downtown Disney is the place to be when you are looking to shop for Disney merchandise and dining and want to take a day off from the parks. Most of the restaurants on Disney property are pricey, and this one is no different. Now most of the time, you get a few characters here and there, and good food. With this restaurant you get to experience dining during the earth’s dinosaur infested crustacean days and hear them roar and roar they do, about every 15 minutes or so. As a pleasant surprise the food is very good!!! Most restaurants that are gimmick filled usually need help in the food department, this one does not.

What you can expect is to pay about $14.00 to $35.00 for a plate depending on what you order. The kid meals are about $8.00 give or take and once you factor in the drinks which are more expensive than in most places around town that you can choose to dine in. The T-Rex restaurant also has a store inside where you can find gifts to purchase for a special loved one or yourself. Everything from plastic dinosaurs to shirts and stuffed animals. Getting back to the food, I tried the Bronto-Burger and it was a great sized American cheese burger with all the trimmings, and your choice of onion rings or waffle fries. You can expect to pay more for the onion rings, and I did and they were very good. There are other plates as well. The kid’s chicken tenders or nuggets are shaped like dinosaurs and actually very tasty.

Pasta dishes are very good also, you can expect to pay about $18.99 for pasta dish without chicken and about another $2.50 to add the meat/chicken to the same dish. The Alfredo sauce tortellini was recommended and it did not disappoint. Great tasting. Disney World in Orlando has plenty of things to offer any family but for the most part it is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Dining is amongst the most expensive entertainments at Walt Disney World. The T-Rex Cafe which is brought to you by the people that brought you The Rain Forest Cafe is nice but all in all once you have done it, it leaves much to be desired and immediately you begin to hurt for the money that has been spent on a good burger and nothing more.

Shopping at Downtown Disney. Most of the Walt Disney World parks have now begun to print their restaurant receipts on long pieces of paper that include a 20% discount to be used at any of the merchandise stores located around Walt Disney World property to include Downtown Disney. I was able to use these same receipts that I was issued throughout the day at the Magic Kingdom and redeem them at Downtown Disney for 20% off of merchandise purchases. I had a total of about 6 of these receipts, I used every one of them. So the next time you are eating at the Magic Kingdom or any of the Walt Disney World theme parks, check your receipts for those discounts. They do not always make it a point to mention this savings to you. Get official merchandise right at the Disney Store!

Walt Disney World Spring Break Deals

Walt Disney World Spring Break Deals

Why would anyone in their right minds go to Walt Disney World during Spring break?  Well I will give you a few reasons today. Not only will I give you a few good reasons, I will put my money where my mouth is and be there.  First of fun times with the family is what Walt Disney World and their theme parks is all about, right? I know that for me this is always the motivating factor. The memories. So I will be there this Spring break. Let me make this shameless plug just in case you read this and feel that I did not make a compelling argument for your next Walt Disney World vacation. If you need that perfect gift and cannot get out to the theme parks or Downtown Disney soon, you can have all of the satisfaction of a real Walt Disney World gift delivered right to your front door. Try it now! Upcoming Events!

OK, back to Disney during Spring break. Walt Disney World has made a real effort for the last 7 years or so, to make many memory filled trips to their resorts and theme parks affordable for so many families. Additionally as far back as I can remember, they have also worked double time and twice as hard in making sure that they tap into the Florida residents. More so, that they are offering their special Florida resident 3 day park admittance for just $100.00 plus tax.  That is just a little over $33.33 admission to get you into a park.

As is this was not enough, they are also holding specials on all of their resorts from the moderate, and value to their high end resorts, at well over 30% off for people that book from now until March 31, 2012 and plan to travel from April 14, 2012 to June 14, 2012. This is something that they are offering special this Spring break vacation. Yet another reason to visit is because this is the best weather that Florida has experienced in quite a while. With the nation as a whole having a mild Winter to say the least, this gives you a great opportunity to travel and make the most of your Walt Disney World vacation this year.  By pass the heat days of July and August, where the mere heat makes a theme park the least likely place you will want to visit for sure.

Like many places around the U.S. Walt Disney World is also saluting U.S. military forces. This year will be no different. Walt Disney World is offering 4-day park hopper tickets for $138.00, regardless of which part of the country they reside in. So why not make this Spring break a Walt Disney World vacation. Enjoy the Florida weather, save some money while have the best time of your life and make those all too short but memorable memories with your loved ones happen soon. See you there! Free Shipping when you spend $75 or more at Disney Store with Promo Code: SHIPTODAY. Shop Now!

The Cheapest Disney World Tickets For Sale Right Now!

The Cheapest Disney World Tickets For Sale Right Now!

The cheapest Disney World tickets are on sale right now as I write this for Florida Residents.  Without a doubt the recession has even hit the king of theme parks right in the chops!  But still let us not focus on the negative and let us take advantage of the positive! Cheap Disney World tickets for all Florida Residents, that is right…4 parks for $119.00.  Wow, that is less than $30.00 a park.

To find these tickets go straight to any of the authorized Walt Disney World ticket centers, or you can visit any of the many Walt Disney World – Disney stores.  Beware of any cheap Disney World tickets or any unauthorized sellers, some of which you will find plenty of in Kissimmee, Florida.  If it is too good to be true, it probably is. That is why this should be your route if you want to safely visit Walt Disney World for the lowest possible price.

Here is a preview of what you will be entitled to with this new 4-day play pass for the originators of family fun, Disney World.  You can enjoy 1 day park entry to one of the following four parks; Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, and Hollywood Studios.  You can enjoy re-entry into the park, but no park hopping for these prices.  Still, all in all you cannot be $30.00 for a Disney World theme park.  I have been going to the most magical place on Earth for about 30 years, and I have never seen such prices.  Why just a few years back, the going rate was $74.00 for a 1 day Florida Resident pass to either of the parks.  Now is the time to enjoy these low prices, and make some serious memories with your loved ones.  You can spend your time, trying to win free Disney World tickets, on this radio station and that one, or you can take your family now and enjoy these outrageous prices! I will be seeing you in line, as I get ready to take my family…See you there.