The Burger King Menu 4th Of July Special

The Burger King Menu 4th Of July Special

Well, this site has never been intended to slam fast food restaurants like Burger King and the Burger King menu, but then again there have been many different special day announcements by many of the these companies like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and the like and this never happened to me as a consumer. None of those money saving trips ever ended as this one ended for me. I actually blame the store manager more than I blame the Burger King corp.

Here is my scenario. Well as most of you that enjoy the flame broiled burgers and other Burger King menu items like I do from the king of burgers that is Burger King, home of the “Whopper” and I have noticed by the way, their great attempt at making their menu better, the overhaul is much appreciated as a fan of their food. Anyway, I take very seriously any specials that come out as a result of special or holiday days and their promotions. Some of the most notable ones that come to mind, McDonalds Veteran’s Day – Big Mac promo, in which you purchased one and received another for just 1 penny.

Well this Burger King promo for the 4th of July 2012, offered the chicken sandwich which has long been a staple of their fast food menu in its original form for just $1.04 each.  Well my trip to the local BK last night was unsatisfactory to say the least. Here is what happened. I was basically stuck between eight cars. I had two cars in front of me, and 5 behind me. I was the chicken sandwich last night, more importantly I was the patty. Well when I asked for 5 of these chicken sandwiches, what I received was a voice telling me “I am sorry, we are out of the chicken sandwich”!

Out of the Burger King chicken sandwich?

How in the world, can one of the top three fast food restaurants hold a weekend long special and be out of the chicken sandwich? This is sooooo unacceptable, I cannot begin to describe. Unacceptable for my family, unacceptable for my trip, unacceptable for my stomach at the time. This manager should have made a decision to satisfy my needs, not ask me to order something else off of the Burger King menu like I was told! Totally unacceptable, by all means. Not only did I not get what I ordered, but I was also stuck in a slow moving line while two people in front of me waited on their food. In addition to 5 people behind me that were going to be incredibly upset as I was. How does this happen?

I think in a pinch like this, the Burger King manager should have another item that can be substituted for the original chicken sandwich from the Burger King menu. This would happen just about anywhere else USA. Supermarkets offer a rain check, and a fast food restaurant should offer a substitution. In all of my years of visiting other fast food restaurant on days in which they want to step up and throw the consumer a bone, I must admit this was the first time that I left a fast food restaurant upset and feeling completely dissatisfied. So sad, I guess too bad for me. It will be a long while before Burger King sees one red cent from me. There should always be a plan B. Last night there was for me…The McDonalds menu prices 0.59 cent cheeseburger. BK take a page out of the competition and more importantly do not announce a special deal if you cannot deliver. Thumbs down for you!