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The Walt Disney World Guide – Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach – A Simple Guide

Many vacationers have to save quite a bit of money to take the family on a Walt Disney World vacation. So, if you are visiting Disney World in Orlando Florida, and you want some time to cool off from the heat, that is the single reason that the Walt Disney Water Parks have become a huge hit with vacationers everywhere. Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach could be just the ticket to help you cool off, and have a blast at the same time. This is just one of the water parks that you can find at Walt Disney World, the other is Typhoon Lagoon, But in many people’s opinion Blizzard Beach is definitely the best.

Inside the water park, expect to find many different water slides to spend a fun packed afternoon, and also multiple water attractions that will keep your interest even if you don’t want to get wet, but expect to get wet for the best fun!

According to recent statistics, Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach is the 2nd most popular water park anywhere around the globe, which means there are always plenty of people around no matter when you decide to go. So keep having fun in mind, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Impatience and long lines. People are usually not wanting to wait lines, but when you vacation at Walt Disney World, this should be expected. However, this is not always ideal, especially if you don’t want to be waiting around for hours on end to gain access to the attractions. So keeping this in mind, it’s always a good idea to get a Fast Access Pass from Disney, so you don’t have to wait at all the attractions like everybody else. Now with the new Magic Bands from Disney, you can store all your information in one place and have that band around your wrist all the time, getting wet or not. Hotel key (on Walt Disney World grounds), attraction rides, and even a spending account.

Just be aware, that Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach closes for approximately 2 months every single year so the theme park staff can carry out essential clean up of the water and park, but these months are usually during the winter. Typically, this is around the beginning of the year, so make sure you are fully aware of the exact dates before booking your trip to Disney World, if water parks is what you want to visit.

Some tips when visiting Blizzard Beach:

Rent a locker

Let’s face it, carrying your valuable items around all day when you want to be having fun in the water is a real hassle. This is why it’s always a good idea to rent a locker at the main entrance, so you can put items such as phone, jewelry, passports and credit cards as well as money safely away. Don’t worry, your belongings will be safe as nobody will have access to the safe other than yourself, and the key comes with a safety band, which you will wear on a wrist.

Avoid the crowds

While Blizzard Beach is busy all year round, if you want to go when there is slightly less of a crowd then it’s advisable to go earlier in the week, such as Monday or Tuesday. This ensures that you won’t have to wait for hours just to go on a water slide. Also, it’s a good idea to go first thing in the morning if you can, as the crowds do start to form around the late morning and early afternoon time period. I really don’t know why, that is usually the time that the storms roll through in Florida.

Eat with Mickey

If you want to see a look of delight on kids faces, then why not book a meal with Mickey Mouse, or any of the other popular Disney characters? This is now very possible at resturants around Disney World and Blizzard Beach, so you can get a real Disney experience and memories to last a lifetime. Just be aware that these meals must be booked 90 days in advance due to the high demand. Here are some of the restaurants that offer characters for either breakfast, lunch, and or dinner:

  • Contemporary Hotel: Chef Mickey’s
  • The Polynesian Hotel: Ohana’s Best Friends
  • The Grand Floridian Hotel: Grand Floridian Cafe
  • The Magic Kingdom: The Crystal Palace, the Cinderella Castle (character dining)


Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a great day out for all ages, and due to the many special discounts being offered by Disney World, there has never been a better time to visit. Have fun!

Trip To New York City – Part 1

thesundaypapercouponsBrooklyn U.S.A

OK, when is the last time you really went somewhere you really liked? Some place like NYC. The city that does not sleep. This is one claim that is so real about New York City. I am born and raised in Brooklyn. A family of immigrants like just about everyone in the United States. My family descends from Cuba. My father moved to NY in 1959 from Cuba, and we never looked back. I was born in Brooklyn in 1965 and I am going to recount my last trip or vacation to NYC. In this post I am going to give you outs to save money, and share my trip and experience as my family (wife and kids) visited for the first time. Anytime you see my resources there is a surprise plan to save you money so feel free to check those out. Here is the first one: My resources.

Coney Island in July

I flew into Laguardia, NY on July 22. There are plenty of things to do in NY in the Summer and Coney Island is one of them. For those native New Yorkers like me. Coney Island is not on the grand scale of appearance like it was for a 12 year old, back in the day. But it was grand nonetheless. Shades of the “Warriors”, no. The Warriors was one of my all-time favorite movies back in the day. The film ends with Coney Island and the battle between the “Rifts” and “the Warriors”. Coney Island is just one of those places that you have to visit when in Brooklyn. It sits on the water, and the boardwalk is pretty much rebuilt since the super-storm hit NY and NJ.

Trip To NYC

Before we get into the many tourist scenes and sites for you to plan a trip to New York around, let us get into a the savings cost of the trip. Now it all depends on how many people are traveling in your party so in this first post, part 1, I will show you how to save money on your next vacation. Hopefully it will be to NYC, my hometown and one hell of a vacation state. Here are some helpful tips for you, and feel free to check on my resources to save you money. My resources.

Tips: My Resources!

  • Car Rentals are way cheaper in New Jersey almost over 50%!
  • It is cheaper to stay at a hotel at New Jersey, just across the Hudson River.
  • There are plenty of tip saving ways to cross the Hudson River each day.
  • Use the Brooklyn Bridge for free to cross from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
Thai Girls Revealed. Uncover The Secrets Of Thai Girls!

Thai Girls Revealed. Uncover The Secrets Of Thai Girls!

Bernard went home and arranged to send her six hundred dollar a month so that she could go to school and start a new life. On the advice of a friend, he reluctantly hired a Thai private detective agency to check Roxie out before he went back to Thailand to claim his bride.

The agency found out that she was still working the bars and that five other men were sending her money every month for exactly the same reasons Bernard was sending her money.
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Mountain Books – Complete With Mountain Maps

Mountain Books – Complete With Mountain Maps

When customers find out that I’m from Kansas, they often say, “Kansas? What can you tell me about mountain passes if you’re from Kansas?” But after they hear my story, they cut me a little slack. (By the way, did you know that there was once a researcher with too much government grant money who determined that Kansas actually is flatter than a pancake?) When I was a kid in the early 60’s my parents owned a 16 foot Mobil Scout travel trailer. We pulled that trailer all over the western United States and Canada with a 1962 Chevy with a 283 cubic inch engine and a three speed on the column. So I learned to love mountains and I learned to love traveling the wide open spaces of our great land. With that small trailer and the reliable Chevy, we never had any problems climbing or descending grades.

The printed versions of the Mountain Directory books had almost 240 pages of text and color relief maps. All 240 pages are in the downloadable versions of the Mountain Directory ebooks. Nothing is missing. In the printed versions, mountain pass locations were marked with a yellow triangle on the color relief maps. In the ebook versions, you can click on the yellow triangles and the text appears that describes that location.

Vanabode happily camp, travel and live forever on $20 a day

Vanabode happily camp, travel and live forever on $20 a day

My wife and I have been doing just that for years now so I decided to write a book so others could see how we do it. The book entitled Vanabode – how to happily camp, travel and live forever on $20 a day has been a runaway success! Oh and you don’t need your current job to do it either. Vanabode shows you how to earn money from wherever you choose to live from hundreds of jobs available only to campers.

Imagine what you would do and where you would go if I PROMISED to show you how to live a complete life with all your needs met for $20 a day? Would you head straight for a national park like Yellowstone or Glacier and hike and photograph wildlife for a month? Would you just take it easy on the fresh powder sands of Florida’s pristine beach’s sipping cold refreshing Mojito’s? Would you hit the tables in Vegas for some exciting poker or slots followed by a mind blowing world class show? Would you dine out every night for a week on the pier in San Francisco? Would you go hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, boating, surfing, skiing, or otherwise get off the grid and out of the grind for a month or two at a time?