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Playstation 4 Vs. XBOX 1 Review

sodaheadPlaystation 4 Vs. XBOX 1

OK, so as a parent of multiple kids, it was bound to happen. One was going to want the Playstation 4 and the other the XBOX 1, thanks for both companies for launching them this year, it made my gift giving easy. As a parent that tries to please his kids, so long as the boundaries of education are met and overall chores around the house as well, this is what the holidays allows us to do as parents, spoil our kids. I want to once again reiterate that the overall experience of obtaining these top of the line gaming consoles was not much of a challenge, and for the most part their numbers of people not getting them was also full of fluff, at least on the XBOX 1 side. But wanting the Playstation 4 or the XBOX 1 and getting them could have become tricky if the plan was not in place.

Gamestop Had The Plan

I would like to thank Gamestop for their consideration for their clients and faithful. Because of them I was able to get the first console which was the Playstation 4 in November and I did it with very little inconvenience. Their policy and program to get these into the hands of the consumers was extraordinary, and I believe I mentioned this already once in a previous post but it is most certainly worth stating again. So long as you were in line at a respectable 3:30 p.m. you were able to purchase one of the opening day Playstation 4 consoles. I was and I did. They sold these to the public at 6:00 p.m. and issued a number to you at that time. I was number 18. Now I could go home and know that I was guaranteed one unit. Then I returned to make the midnight line at about 11:30 p.m. and the sales commenced at midnight. The whole process for me which I had number 18 took about 30 minutes. They were extremely organized allowing three people to enter at once, purchase their consoles and other equipment and leave the store. There was security which is a big deal, and everyone was happy with their purchase.

The XBOX 1 Purchase

I purchased this console in Walmart. Now granted I never pre-ordered any of these consoles. I did not happen to regret that. I could have done this at either Gamestop or Walmart, or Best Buy for as little as $25.00. I am glad that I did not end up regretting doing that. My buddies could not guarantee the same success at Gamestop and besides every retail store that I called stated the same thing, there will not be enough XBOX 1 consoles. I cannot to this day believe that. Come Christmas Eve they were all over the place. I do not know if they simply did not sell as well, or were people trying to avoid the extra $100.00. Like I stated earlier, I had no choice because both were on the Christmas list at my home. Anyway I did what I never though I would do. Shop on Thanksgiving Day. I am glad I did, because getting the XBOX 1 when the fear was instilled in me that I would not, could not have been any easier.

Shopping At Walmart Thanksgiving Day

Walmart really outdid themselves with their master-plan design for holiday shopping. They basically broke down the store and the hottest items into different shopping times and zones within the store. The XBOX 1 was going to be a 6:00 p.m. item in the Walmart Superstore near me. The process equally simple. Be in line at 6:00 p.m. and get a wristband that the Walmart associate would place around your wrist. They basically had 150 XBOX 1 systems, and I was number 9. The wristband to prove it, I was guaranteed an XBOX 1 and my fear and beliefs that this was all a promotional hoax to get people to scatter out and purchase the XBOX 1 was confirmed when I left with my XBOX 1 there were no people left in line, and still about 100 XBOX 1′s in their own pile. Nevertheless, I was happy to have one. My list was almost complete. With not many games out by the time Christmas Eve came around, I was able to secure them all without any trouble. Below is a short list of most of the games that are out right now for both consoles.

  • Assassins Creed (Playstation 4)
  • Ghost Call Of Duty (Both)
  • NBA 2k (Both)
  • Madden NFL (Both)
  • Justice League Unlimited (Playstation 4)
  • Battlefield 4 (Both)
  • FIFA 14 (Playstation 4)
  • Dead Rising 3 (XBOX 1)

The Review XBOX 1 VS. Playstation

The XBOX 1 offers plenty of little toys and cool gadgets but to be honest there has to be some work put in to be able to actually use them. Nothing major but recording of the voice features and also visual with the camera. That brings me to the next point I wanted to make about both of these consoles. The difference in prices between the two is mostly because the XBOX 1 comes with the camera necessary to make all those fancy tools work. If you were to purchase the camera for the Playstation 4 the cost will be roughly $100.00, so there is really no difference between the two, the price holds true at about $500.00 each console if you want to even them up. So which one is right for you? I can tell you that the true gaming system appears to be the XBOX 1. I have no real bugs to report yet on either system, I really have not played them much but I can tell you that I prefer the XBOX 1 for what it is worth. The overall feel of the controller is part of the reason. Do you have an XBOX 1 or Playstation bug to report. If you send it to me, I will publish it. Feel free and keep on gaming.

Craz Loom Bands A Great Mind Pastime

Cra-Z-LoomCraz Loom Silicone Bands

There are new looms around and they are Craz. That’s right Craz Looms. The new silicone kraze that is taking up the time of America’s youth and all over the world, and it is not a video game, go figure!

When my daughter first came home with a silicone rubber band with cool colors, I asked her “Where did you get that?”…She replied “At school it was just $2.00.” At first I was shocked, not over the $2.00 dollars. But by the fact that she had bought this from another student in her school. I was like what the heck, they should be studying not learning to sell and barter and whatever else you want to call this. But when I watched her excitement over owning one, and asking for a kit. I figured that if I get them all off of the video games and doing something exciting with their hands and creating art, something visual and special, then I figured that this could be a positive thing.

That was over three months ago, and they are still hooked. I know that this is something that will possibly fizzle out, but for the mean time, I am happy they are doing something collectively and using their brain power for something other than video games. I am including the links to the Amazon store where I purchase my supplies for the kids. It is cheap and the delivery is fast. However you do not have to use this link, you could visit stores like Toys R Us, and Walmart for supplies. I just found that most of the above listed stores issue their silicone bands on Saturdays and they were gone for the most part by the time I arrived each week. With Amazon there is no wasting of time, and more importantly for my kids disappointment. Plus which kid does not like to get a surprise in the mail every now and then.


Lean Cuisine Coupons Are Free

Top FiveWhen you shop, in your opinion, what are the top five frozen healthy foods on the market? Did you know that Lean Cuisine coupons are free to obtain? With so many people looking to get fit and lose weight trying all of the good products on the market, it is just as important for them to save money doing so. Coupons is the best way to save money and Lean Cuisine is one of the best options available to you to help you lose weight. Want to commence your money saving crusade?

Why Lean Cuisine coupons? Well for one, they give you a much needed variety of savings via coupons. Many of the coupons that I currently use for this company are of the $1.00 and $2.00 off variation. Recently at the BJ’s wholesale club they have been issuing special coupon savings offers that allow you to buy in large quantity and also saves quite a few of your hard earned dollars. In my home I keep a nice quantity of these on hand. I am usually not particular to the brand and I usually fluctuate between Smart Ones, and Lean Cuisine. Occasionally, I will also purchase Weight Watchers, but not as often. In my home Lean Cuisine offers the best price, variety and taste.

Where can I find these coupons for immediate consumption? Well there are a host of Internet companies that provide you with these for free. That is right free! I have read much about people paying for coupons on EBay, and I often ask myself – why? Coupons are supposed to be free. They are supposed to be a reward by the manufacturer of the product to reward the consumer. Free is what I like. I would never pay a service or an auction fee to obtain something that I should be rewarded with. I recommend that you also get them for free, leave those foolish notions of getting in on the ground floor of a new idea. You are already on the ground floor, and so are coupons. So print them and use them. Nothing else. Oh, and of course enjoy the Lean Cuisine dishes.

Lean Cuisine Coupon Specials

Lean Cuisine coupons can make for great family fun and en joyous special moments, when you do not want to spend hours cooking. They offers a friendly compliment to the individual that is weight conscience and or want to shed a few of those unwanted pounds. Get some great online free grocery coupons right here!

Food that is good for both children and parents alike. My teenage daughter who has become weight conscience since she made the cheer leading team, uses these meals when she is hungry late in the evening and does not want to be bogged down with a large meal or a high caloric meal. She gets the great tasting and healthy food, I get the Lean Cuisine coupons and head for the savings isle, when she wants more of the meals.

The Lean Cuisine line, has over 25 different meals and numerous other entrees that can be consumed for anytime of the day for your eating pleasure. I myself have been working in good eating habits, and where I would get hungry late at night and make some pasta or order pizza and always over eat, now I throw one of these healthy frozen dinners in the good old microwave and I eat and quickly become content. Now there is no challenge anywhere in sight here, but I have noticed that my clothes are fitting loser every day as a practice of not over eating at night.

Many of the Lean Cuisine coupons are found in places that you come across everyday, but probably do not look. For one the local paper in your town is a great source for coupons and you should check it weekly. Another great source is the local Flyer that supermarkets in your area have. In my town the dominating supermarket is the Publix supermarket, and Winn Dixie does well also. Many of the Publix coupons often combine coupons for either Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine coupons. The next time that you are in the mood to eat healthy and stay home, do not forget Lean Cuisine and you will know what I mean.

Walmart Superstore Thanksgiving Day Opening Review

xbox-one-salesWalmart Super Store Equals Super Savings

Walmart Super Store sales were on this past Thursday. Shopping on Thanksgiving day just does not seem right though. This was however the first day that I ever did this on an actual holiday, and I did it at a Walmart Super Store. I want to make sure that you understand that I did this out of complete necessity and not because I treasure shopping more than time with my family. This is not the case. In fact we always eat early because I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and I always watch the game. So if anything I gave up the first couple of quarters of my favorite teams game more than time with family.

The main reason I decided to do this was because I wanted to get the XBOX 1 for one of my kids, and the fact of having him disappointed on Christmas Day over shopping on Thanksgiving day was an easy option for me. I was able to get just what I set out for and I did not have sacrifice but a few hours. It was well worth it, and I would like to thank the Walmart managers that made this shopping day a success in my neighborhood.


I sure the XBOX 1 is worth all the hype. Because that would just make all the sacrifice including the price $499.99 plus tax worth it all. Now let’s discuss how Walmart handled this Thanksgiving day sales and promotions. I am going to give them a 90 out of 100. Mostly because of the way they set the whole day up. Shopping for high ticket items or high in demand items, began respectively at intervals throughout the day. For instance the XBOX 1 sales commenced at 6:00 P.M. Other high end items at 7:00 P.M. and the last of the high end items at 8:00 P.M.

Here is basically how the Walmart Super Store sale worked out. Lines formed up at 5:00 P.M. you made an initial line, and then you got a number with a corresponding bracelet number. Mine was 18. Now they had approximately 160 XBOX 1′s. So I was good to go. Then at 6:00 P.M. they called the numbers one by one, and you stepped up and purchased your XBOX 1 and happily left the store. At least I, happily left the store. Total time spent approximately 2:30 hours to target gift. Not bad Walmart, not bad at all….