Craz Loom Bands A Great Mind Pastime

Cra-Z-LoomCraz Loom Silicone Bands

There are new looms around and they are Craz. That’s right Craz Looms. The new silicone kraze that is taking up the time of America’s youth and all over the world, and it is not a video game, go figure!

When my daughter first came home with a silicone rubber band with cool colors, I asked her “Where did you get that?”…She replied “At school it was just $2.00.” At first I was shocked, not over the $2.00 dollars. But by the fact that she had bought this from another student in her school. I was like what the heck, they should be studying not learning to sell and barter and whatever else you want to call this. But when I watched her excitement over owning one, and asking for a kit. I figured that if I get them all off of the video games and doing something exciting with their hands and creating art, something visual and special, then I figured that this could be a positive thing.

That was over three months ago, and they are still hooked. I know that this is something that will possibly fizzle out, but for the mean time, I am happy they are doing something collectively and using their brain power for something other than video games. I am including the links to the Amazon store where I purchase my supplies for the kids. It is cheap and the delivery is fast. However you do not have to use this link, you could visit stores like Toys R Us, and Walmart for supplies. I just found that most of the above listed stores issue their silicone bands on Saturdays and they were gone for the most part by the time I arrived each week. With Amazon there is no wasting of time, and more importantly for my kids disappointment. Plus which kid does not like to get a surprise in the mail every now and then.