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Job Interview Success – Make Them Hire You!

Hello and welcome to the jobless world! This is what we usually hear from people as we receive our college diploma. Getting a job is a major dilemma for most people especially for fresh graduates. In recent years owing to global recession, many people have lost their jobs and its effect has been widely felt. Consequently, competition for employment has reached a peak and the only way to survive is to get ahead of others. How? Make employers hire you! You can get started right here with this fantastic free job search link. Getting a job is never easier than this!

Hopefully, you have already filled out your free online job application above, and now we can move on. To sell yourself in a job interview, think of yourself as the interviewer. Assume what it is that you are looking for from a new employee. Focus on what the employer needs and you will become an applicant that no employer could resist.

To start with, carry out extensive research to find out as much as you can about the company that you are applying to. Familiarize yourself with their mission/vision, their major customers and the company’s economic stability. The more information you uncover, the more confidently you can answer the questions of the interviewer. Study the job description for the post you are applying for. Evaluate your own skills and compare them to what is expected from a candidate. Rate yourself as to how versed you are with the skills required. After evaluating, identify your strengths and practice how you will explain at the interview the ways they complement the job requirement. Cite some specific examples of how can you do the job and practice how to present them fluently and wittily.

In an interview remember that first impressions last, so ensure that you make a winning one. Be prompt, keep eye contact and initiate a handshake as appropriate. “Dress to kill” – wear your best outfit, but dress for the occasion. Coming to an interview wearing a dress that is one notch beyond what is expected for the position can give you better opportunities to be noticed by the employers. Look for something that you and the interviewer may have in common. If you have the resources, find out a little personal information about the interviewer. Who knows? Both of you may come from the same school, club or organization, or you may have common friends, interests, etc. Any common ground that you find with the interviewer may help you establish a rapport and eventually give you an edge over the competition. Be careful not to exaggerate otherwise you will just look desperate.

Employers sometimes see a personal weakness as a reason not to offer a job, so work on any that you have identified. Transform your weakness to a potential strength using such phrases as “I have not done internet marketing but I am an internet savvy person. I spend plenty of time browsing the net so I am confident I can learn the process in no time.” Always try to compose answers and explanations so as to show confidence.

During the interview, cite some specific and practical examples to show why you are well suited to the job. Ask relevant questions that demonstrate real interest in the company. Given the opportunity, ask the interviewer why the position became open and how the company treats its employees. This is also one way of finding out what kind of organization you will be working with.

Finally, demonstrate how you can be a problem solver. Companies hire employees to solve an existing problem, so show them that you can produce a solution. During your research, you may be able to identify some company issues and identify how you can resolve them. Be enthusiastic, friendly and honest. After the interview, send a thank you note to the interviewer and mention some notable topic discussed between you during the interview. If you do all these things well, no employer will be able to resist taking you on!

Applying For A Fast Hiring Job Is Easy

Applying For A Fast Hiring Job Is Easy

Get A Fast Hiring Job Today

As the Summer quickly approaches, teens and adults everywhere will be out in full force looking for employment. If you are seeking employment, it would be in your best interest to apply for a fast hiring job today. The short list on these jobs include the following job:

1. The McDonald’s job
2. The Burger King job
3. The Taco Bell job
4. The Wendy’s job

National McDonald’s Hiring Day

Now even though most of the benefits are often reserved for full-time employees, this does not mean that working less than 40 hours a week disqualify those benefits. Some of these companies do offer their part-time employees benefit packages, with some having benefits as good as the best companies. Additionally equaling what someone would expect from a full-time position.

The lists of eligibility may vary, but they usually include a minimum number of hours worked per week and only take effect after you’ve worked for one of these companies for a specific period of time. So, if you are in the market for a part-time job, why not start with one of these? I have compiled a short list of some of the best part-time jobs that offer some of these specified benefits.

1) REI: Perks include merchandise discounts, incentive pay, retirement and a Profit sharing program, and a discounted travel program through the REI Adventures program.

2) Nordstrom’s: This company offers the following to all of their part-time staff; health insurance, 401(k), life, disability, and accidental death insurance, paid time off, and adoption assistance.

3) Lowe’s: All part-time employees here have access to a limited benefit health plan program, plus life, vision, dental, and disability, as well as a 401(k). They also earn 40 hours of vacation after just 180 days of service, pretty good benefits.

4) JC Penney’s: This one is unique in that anyone working fewer than 35 hours per week is eligible for their Additional Benefits Choices program, which includes medical, dental, and vision coverage plus life insurance and critical illness/accident coverage. Most companies will not even entertain a program like this. But leave it to the big dogs of American business to come shining through!

So you now have some information to go out with a game plan and find a part-time job in an adequate amount of time. Having a plan for finding employment quick, should be your priority.


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