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Restaurant Review : The Cheesecake Factory

Restaurant Review : The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory Menu

One of my favorite TV shows The Big Bang Theory, boasts Penny as a waitress of the Cheesecake Factory. The group frequents the restaurant. Most of the time Penny is working the restaurant, and just about always vows to have Sheldon behave, or someone may spit in his food. I can tell you that I also frequent the restaurant and I can tell you that like many restaurants, as the necessity to improve their business client’s increase, so does the specials for the consumer. The Cheese Cake Factory lunch menu is geared to get you in and get you out, with a nice lunch meal for a little price.

This company is located primarily in the United States and currently operates 139 full service and casual dining restaurants in major cities around the world. Many people believe that their menu is extensive and expensive and I do not believe so. I believe that for the money that they charge, the portions are immense. After all you are dining in a restaurant that has large options and lavish decor, and what else but a variety of cheesecake desserts for the final touch.

With an offering of a casual dining experience, and some of the deserts available, the menu contains well over 200 selections of food and 50 different cheesecakes and desserts. My favorite as well as that of my families is the Mango Cheesecake. Some of the others that we have tried and given the two thumbs up are the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake, truly something amazing to cap off a diner or lunch.

Cheesecake factory dessert menu – specialties of the house

Many of the cheesecakes that are available at the restaurant are also available as to go cakes. So if you want to experience the great taste of these deserts, you can stop by pick one up and take it with you. Many times, while we are out for a walk in the Pembroke park area, we will eat somewhere else and drop by for a cheesecake dessert. They have the inside cheesecake bar, that makes it easy for you to stop on by and grab desert without having to wait for a table. This place is so popular in my area, that seldom on a Saturday night is the wait less than 30-40 minutes. A true tribute to the food they serve as well as the quality of the food.

This restaurant offers cuisine from many different cultures, like Malaysian, Caribbean, Thai, aside from the very European style food. They also offer online services, and you can order food to go. They also offer cheesecakes to all parts of the world and they deliver them straight to customers in dry ices, I am always on the look for the free cheesecake vouchers. During this last holiday season, they ran a special that was just about as good as any other promotion that I have ever taken advantage of. The promotion offered one free cheesecake (your choice) for the purchase of a $25.00 gift card right there from the restaurant itself. The gift cards could be used that same day. So I purchased four (4) of them this gave me an instant $100.00 off of my bill with the gift cards, and four (4) free cheesecakes, any one you wish, to be used in a future trip to the Cheesecake Factory good through the month of March of the following year. This is one promotion that I will be on the look-out for this year as well. Just love the food there, so does my family…

Restaurant Wars – The Outback Comeback

Restaurant Wars – The Outback Comeback

With restaurants going to war for your hard-earned cash. Outback has stepped into the war with a great change to their restaurant menu and more importantly their prices. Just visited them last this weekend and I am here to report, that where their food was never in question, many different restaurants are fighting for your money, and they fight well.

Just this Saturday I visited them with my family and had an incredible meal, which I will explain in detail. More importantly where many people cannot afford to eat out, I am here to tell you that a family of four for under $75.00 is not completely out of the norm. We left stuffed by the way. With their new menu changes, one of my favorites took a hit. The Boomerang Shrimp platter is no longer on the Outback menu. So with that I had to make a change, I was so very pleased.

The Blooming Onion

A family of four for under $80.00. Yes, you can. My family dining consisted this evening of two (2) adults and two (2) kids but one of my kids, the twelve-year-old eats like the old man. So this is what we experienced that night. For starters, you cannot go wrong with the blooming onion. It is one of our favorites. I might add that while other restaurants try this, no one has this starter/appetizer like the one at Outback. They also bring bread and butter to the table on the house. It is tough to keep a family of four bill under $80.00 if you introduce wine and beer, or alcoholic drinks to the tab. So as a rule of thumb when I am out with my kids, no alcohol. Just trying to set a standard my kids can live by. Plus this is a family night out.

My kids, had each a meal. One had the kid’s chicken fingers and fries. The other had the Blooming Burger well done. Now the change comes to their menu with a new and introduced meal for $15.00 with four courses. Can’t believe it. I will describe it in detail. Also I suggest that you check the local Outback restaurant in your area, for any menu changes. I do not know if this is a regional deal, or state-wide.

A $15.00 4 course meal which includes the following. Soup (soup of the day) salad, you can choose from Caesar salad, house salad, and Blue cheese pecan (which we both had) it was incredible! Followed by the main course, my spouse had Salmon grilled with vegetables, I had the 9 oz steak with garlic mashed potatoes. Each of these comes also with desert. Either cheese cake or carrot cake. Anyway you slice this, 4 courses for $15.00 is an unbelievable deal. Actually the steak course meal was an extra $3.00 for the 9 oz steak, you can get the 6 oz steak for the same price as the grilled Salmon, $15.00. Try the new Outback restaurant menu and save money today with Groupon.

To McDonald’s Calorie Counts

The announcement was launched yesterday, that McDonalds will post their McDonalds calorie counts this year before the competition and their deadline of 2013. Not only will they post their calories and fast food information, they are going to place it on the McDonalds menu prior their deadline, and probably before every other fast food restaurant has to comply.

The McDonalds menu prices is not always built around the necessity to save money, McDonalds is also trying to improve on their menu and make it as healthy as they can. That also will begin as soon as possible. Let’s face it I do not know if I want to know the calories that everyone of my favorite foods in McDonalds has but this information will go a huge long way in determining what foods people want to consume.

 Big Mac Nutrition Facts

The Big Mac has long been one of the favorite burgers in the McDonalds menu and now with fast food calorie counts you will know if that burger is worth it for you. Sure once in a while it just is not going to hurt you, but after seeing some of the alarming numbers, you may want to lay off the Big Mac. The Big Mac does actually have approximately 576 calories. It also has about 32.5 grams of fat, and about 38.7 grams of carbs.

Calories In Fast Food Restaurants

Calories in fast food restaurants are going to be posted on most of the menus in the upcoming year 2013. This is something that will have to happen. Now these fast food restaurants are getting ready for the change, and along the way you may some see of these menus change as well, as they make an attempt to get healthier. To see the Big Mac nutrition facts go here. Big Mac information. Here is great coupon opportunities for you as a special gift just for reading!

Calorie Counting Diet

There are still plenty of people that do the calorie counting diet. This was the original diet. Counting calories is the one of the easiest way to keep the intake of calories down, low calories equals loss of weight. There are many dieters that are counting calories to lose weight. Some of the other companies and calorie counters around is the Subway calorie counter. In many different sites you can also find a variety of salad calorie calculators. So get ready to see more and more of the nutrition facts for fast food restaurants in your are, starting with McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, and many more. For more nutrition facts about fast food go the website of the actual fast food. There should be plenty of information to allow you to make an educated decision as to what you will eat today.

The Burger King Menu 4th Of July Special

The Burger King Menu 4th Of July Special

Well, this site has never been intended to slam fast food restaurants like Burger King and the Burger King menu, but then again there have been many different special day announcements by many of the these companies like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and the like and this never happened to me as a consumer. None of those money saving trips ever ended as this one ended for me. I actually blame the store manager more than I blame the Burger King corp.

Here is my scenario. Well as most of you that enjoy the flame broiled burgers and other Burger King menu items like I do from the king of burgers that is Burger King, home of the “Whopper” and I have noticed by the way, their great attempt at making their menu better, the overhaul is much appreciated as a fan of their food. Anyway, I take very seriously any specials that come out as a result of special or holiday days and their promotions. Some of the most notable ones that come to mind, McDonalds Veteran’s Day – Big Mac promo, in which you purchased one and received another for just 1 penny.

Well this Burger King promo for the 4th of July 2012, offered the chicken sandwich which has long been a staple of their fast food menu in its original form for just $1.04 each.  Well my trip to the local BK last night was unsatisfactory to say the least. Here is what happened. I was basically stuck between eight cars. I had two cars in front of me, and 5 behind me. I was the chicken sandwich last night, more importantly I was the patty. Well when I asked for 5 of these chicken sandwiches, what I received was a voice telling me “I am sorry, we are out of the chicken sandwich”!

Out of the Burger King chicken sandwich?

How in the world, can one of the top three fast food restaurants hold a weekend long special and be out of the chicken sandwich? This is sooooo unacceptable, I cannot begin to describe. Unacceptable for my family, unacceptable for my trip, unacceptable for my stomach at the time. This manager should have made a decision to satisfy my needs, not ask me to order something else off of the Burger King menu like I was told! Totally unacceptable, by all means. Not only did I not get what I ordered, but I was also stuck in a slow moving line while two people in front of me waited on their food. In addition to 5 people behind me that were going to be incredibly upset as I was. How does this happen?

I think in a pinch like this, the Burger King manager should have another item that can be substituted for the original chicken sandwich from the Burger King menu. This would happen just about anywhere else USA. Supermarkets offer a rain check, and a fast food restaurant should offer a substitution. In all of my years of visiting other fast food restaurant on days in which they want to step up and throw the consumer a bone, I must admit this was the first time that I left a fast food restaurant upset and feeling completely dissatisfied. So sad, I guess too bad for me. It will be a long while before Burger King sees one red cent from me. There should always be a plan B. Last night there was for me…The McDonalds menu prices 0.59 cent cheeseburger. BK take a page out of the competition and more importantly do not announce a special deal if you cannot deliver. Thumbs down for you!

Cracker Barrel Coupons

Cracker Barrel Coupons

Cracker Barrel Coupons

The return of American dining and savings with the Cracker Barrel coupon. You can come home to diner again and all over again, and save some serious money on what is a great but not cheap restaurant menu. Check for online special coupons and savings coupons for the Cracker Barrel today. Save today with many different online printable coupons.

This restaurant menu embraces the person who enjoys the American diner dining at its finest. Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner this restaurant promises to deliver the essentials, a good home cooked meal, and great service. In addition to great food, cheap prices, and an ambiance that offers traditional values, and items for sale of yesteryear, what more could you ask for?  Who has eaten there before and can’t use the Cracker Barrel coupons?

This store brings you to a place that has for years brought families together with values and a full stomach of great food. Ever since I entered the Cracker Barrel restaurant about 13 years ago, on that extravagant Kissimmee, Florida  route State road 192 en route to see Mickey Mouse, I knew there was something special about the place. Ever since then, the Cracker Barrel menu has been a family favorite and a Walt Disney World must do for us, since we do not have one close to us at home.

Most of the time when people are traveling, they have to make some provisions for the good of the trip. For instance there are times where an occasional fast food restaurant will have to do, for the sake of saving time and money. If you can spare some extra time, like you would for any sit down restaurant, then I can guarantee you that you will save money and the eating experience will be something like you have never experience before, just be sure you have scoured the Internet for the online printable coupons that Cracker Barrel offers. The price will never outweigh the quality of the food in this restaurant, this I guarantee.

Some of the plates that you can find on the Cracker Barrel’s menu are; Country Fried Steak, mashed potatoes, corn, corn bread, salads and one of the best tasting root beers that money can buy. The breaded chicken and chicken dumplings are just as incredible as well. Please note that from state to state the Cracker Barrel menu may vary, but I have visited the restaurant in other parts of the country and one thing does not waver, and that is the quality of the food and the way it is cooked and served. I will be updating the menu for this restaurant in the very near future, and on my next trip very soon, I will be reporting on a few out of state Cracker Barrel restaurants. If you are visiting Walt Disney World in Florida anytime soon, be sure to visit the Cracker Barrel restaurant located in Kissimmee, Florida. There are quite a few of them in the Orlando area, and all are worth visiting.

Whether you use Cracker Barrel printable online coupons or any other restaurant coupons and gift cards, do not turn your back on significant savings that can be had for most of the great Americana restaurant establishments in this country. Eat on America…

KFC Coupons – Save On The Colonel’s Chicken

KFC Coupons – Save On The Colonel’s Chicken

KFC Coupons

KFC is not fast food, at least it does not taste like it. I also enjoy it and it is a challenge to get it for a reduced price, with either Kentucky Fried Coupons or item specials that are pronounced from time to time. There is one sure fire way to stop paying full price and that is with online printable coupons for KFC. Get crazy discounts on most of the food that you enjoy today. The cost is totally free, and the time spent finding these coupons is minimal. Fans of KFC have the great opportunity to join them on face-book and join their rewards style program right on their site. Something I recommend.

Nothing beats free coupons and this is a fantastic way for you to save money off your next order either for your family or just yourself. This company is eager to send coupons and coupon codes as well as similar savings right to your email for easy access savings for you. While you search for coupons here and there, nothing beats joining them and having them send them right to you.

Whats new with discount codes for KFC?

Well for one, their  website is updated every single day and has some of the best coupons online for lovers of chicken everywhere. Not to mention some of the best mashed potatoes and gravy on the planet. Their mac and cheese is second to none and their coleslaw superb. What else do you need in a meal? Try making rich mac and cheese at home like they do and you will never acquire the same taste and you will spend a fortune trying to duplicate their taste. If you do not use coupons, you will lose money in the long run and it all could have been avoided with a simple coupon and an order.

KFC favors family meals and they have put together quite a good variety of sides to go along with your meals. My kids love the KFC chicken sliders. Finding a printable coupons should be something that you do daily, not just when you buy fast food to take out. Trying to duplicate your favorite recipes in your local grocery store is something that will be more plausible if you save money on grocery items with printable grocery coupons that you can use today.

Finding coupons that you can use daily will only take you a few seconds to find, and I guarantee that once you start to use free coupons, and save money with some of these discounts, your whole outlook will change and saving money will not only be high on your radar, you will try to incorporate a coupon into something and everything that you do.Nothing beats great manufacturer coupons for KFC and other fast food restaurants. That is something you should never forget.

Cracker Barrel Restaurant Menu Prices

Cracker Barrel Restaurant Menu Prices

Cracker Barrel Restaurant Menu Prices

In South Florida many of the top five restaurant menu prices are equally replaceable and the main reason is that there are plenty of ethnic groups of food around the cities that make up South Florida. We have it all here.

From Cuban food, to Seafood with the Florida Keys, Haitian cuisine, Italian food, and a host of fine dining establishments like Joe’s Stone-crab, and of course the Miakai, which has been around forever, and has seated many of the most famous people in the country for over 70 years.  People like Johnny Carson, and Groucho Marx, Jackie Gleason and on and on.  But I want to concentrate on American dining and not so much the spotty fine cuisine.  I want to concentrate on the places that you would take your family out to dinner or lunch or breakfast and brunch on any given day and not set you back a month in salary.  Speaking of setting back, here is your chance to do something with those unwanted gift cards and turn them into money and eat where ever you wish, and when ever you wish.  Get rid of those unwanted gift cards today and get money in return.

My Top 5 Restaurant Menu Prices

I love to eat out at least once a week, and I like to make it exciting to my family and give them variety.  Sometimes it will be a breakfast restaurant menu, other times a lunch restaurant menu, and occasionally a dinner restaurant menu.  The best restaurant establishments for my money offer us variety and the pricing has to be right.  Also coupons are something that I always look for and if the restaurants have reward programs, and online coupons that are either sent to an email address or printed on the site, even better.  However online coupons or any coupon program is not always the determining factor for my meal.  Now I am not a rich person by any stretch of the imagination, but If I see something that I want, I go and eat it. Variety and affordability is my main concern.  I also get plenty of online gift cards, and I get them as gifts as well.  If you have any unwanted gift cards, you can get cash for them, and I can show you how.  Here is my list.

  • The Cracker Barrel menu and prices
  • Apple Bees menu prices
  • Golden Corral menu with prices
  • Ruby Tuesday’s menu prices (Great salad bar)
  • Fudd Rucker’s menu prices (Great Ostrich burgers)

What Are The Five Top Online Rewards and Coupons For Restaurants

Online printable coupons are the best way to save money at your favorite restaurants.  I use them all of the time, and most of the time I print them out on the spur of the moment, right as I need them.  So what is the value of the coupons, well for the most part coupons for restaurants can vary from $5.00 off to free entrees or free appetizers, or even free deserts.  The important word here is free.  Especially when you are a family of 5, which mine is.  Going out to eat once a week can get expensive, but I will take the family time together over any monetary expense.  Besides it puts all of the grumpy people out of commission and everyone is happy.  Wives are happy they do not have to cook, and husbands are happy they do not have to eat what the wives cooked. Its a win, win for everyone!

  • The Red Lobster Rewards and Online Coupon Program
  • T.G.I. Friday’s Stripes Program
  • Chili’s Rewards Program
  • Pizza Hut Rewards Program
  • The Apple Bees Rewards Program
The Cracker Barrel Menu

The Cracker Barrel Menu

The Cracker Barrel menu is one of the finest examples of an American company that puts your family first. All of the dishes that are prepared at this fine American Diner style restaurant, have just that in mind – your family! One of my family’s favorite time to enjoy the Cracker Barrel menu is breakfast. Some of the best breakfast dishes in any restaurant are prepared right in their kitchen. Made with all of the love and special ingredients that only your mother can put into a home cooked meal . That is the best part of the meal for me, unlike kids that just think it tastes great, adults everywhere can really appreciate the extra effort that is given to your family in addition to the love and warmth that a great meal should have. This company excels in this field, and there is no doubt that this is a huge part of their success.

Save money with Cracker Barrel Coupons, there is no other restaurant that I can think of that combines the little trinkets that this store has in their huge lobby, trinkets that take you back to your childhood and makes the dining experience at this restaurant just that much more special. If you ever want to really treat someone to a special meal, get them the Cracker Barrel gift card, once they look over the Cracker Barrel menu and experience one of their meals, they will never forget the restaurant or the person who gave them that special gift.

One of my favorite dishes right off the Cracker Barrel menu is the Country Fried Chicken and gravy.  Nothing makes a meal taste better than saving money, that is exactly what you will do once you get Cracker Barrel coupons for your next meal.  Their superb breakfast is one of those meals that you just cannot get out of your mind. I have had the above mentioned dish the last three times that I have gone for dinner. The food here is always first rate, and with the opportunity to purchase some great preserves of jelly, honey and other great items, your trip is guaranteed to be a successful night out. The next time that you are on the road and you find yourself really starving for a home cooked meal, if you happen to stumble into this restaurant, the most difficult of your moments will be choosing what to eat off of the Cracker Barrel menu. Happy eating…

The McDonalds Menu Big Savings

The McDonalds Menu Big Savings

McDonalds Menu Prices

The McDonald’s menu prices offer is up to par with the flexibility of waking up on a Saturday morning or Sunday morning and deciding that you do not want to cook breakfast and you want to treat your family to something special this morning. In my home we are total of 6 people and cooking breakfast for 6 people can become quite a chore, and the chore is usually all mine. Regardless there are many fast food restaurants out there and not all of them offer the special deals and taste that the McDonalds menu offers.  Don’t believe me? Try their food for free today. Get a free online gift card today.

A very good standard and reason for you not to cook breakfast, would be a faster way, better tasting, and affordability. All of these things can be found on the McDonalds menu.  Sure the McDonald’s menu prices offer a good lunch and dinner variety, but I think that breakfast is their best menu. All savings are comparable to other fast food restaurants trying to lure you in at any time of the day, but their food just taste better.  Most of the time, time is one of the main reasons that you would even drive through a fast food restaurant, but I love the taste.

For quite some time, McDonald’s has been offering some of the best fast food and prices available to all people who eat on the run. Just take a look over of the McDonalds menu prices and for sure you will find something to fit your idea of a good meal on the run. If you want to start the morning off with coffee, try their premium roasted coffee (delicious) and dessert like Cinn-a-minis (mini Cinnamon Buns) or a breakfast sandwich, my favorite is the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuit sandwich.

What are some of the reasons I visit McDonalds?

I will tell you, and I am going to give you want some of my favorite foods are from McDonald’s in case you haven’t tried them, maybe this will inspire you to try them on your next visit. Treat yourself today to the special McDonald’s menu and you will see all day what they have to offer, fast, economically safe, and great tasting. Get a free online gift card today!

  • The McDonalds Menu prices (Second to none)
  • The new and improved McCafe…(Watch out Starbucks!)
  • The Big Mac (My favorite sandwich of all time)
  • Great breakfast menu and cheap too!
  • Always treated with friendly smiles and service, probably one of their finest attributes.
Los Mejores Restaurantes En La Florida Para Tu Familia

Los Mejores Restaurantes En La Florida Para Tu Familia

En el sur de Florida que muchos de los cinco mejores precios de los restaurantes de menú son igualmente sustituibles y la razón principal es que hay un montón de grupos étnicos de comida alrededor de las ciudades que conforman el sur de Florida. Lo tenemos Todo está aquí. De la comida cubana, a mariscos con los Cayos de Florida, la cocina de Haití, la comida italiana, y una gran cantidad de finos establecimientos de comida como de Joe Casa de cangrejo, y por supuesto el Maikai, que ha estado ahí desde siempre, y ha asentado muchos de los personajes más famosos en el país por más de 70 años. Gente como Johnny Carson, y Groucho Marx, Jackie Gleason y así sucesivamente. Pero yo quiero concentrarme en restaurantes de América y por lo tanto no muy buena cocina irregular. Quiero concentrarme en los lugares que le lleve a su familia a la cena o el almuerzo o desayuno y el almuerzo en un día determinado y no te costará un mes de sueldo.

Hablando de configuración de nuevo, esta es tu oportunidad de hacer algo con las tarjetas de regalo no deseado y los convierten en dinero y comer donde quiera que usted desee, y cuando cada vez que desee. Deshacerse de las tarjetas de regalo no deseado y hoy obtener dinero a cambio. Mi 5 mejor Precios de Restaurante Menú Me encanta comer por lo menos una vez por semana, y me gusta para hacerlo más emocionante para mi familia y darles variedad. A veces será un menú de restaurante para el desayuno, otras veces un restaurante de menú del almuerzo, y de vez en cuando una cena de menú de un restaurante. Los establecimientos mejor restaurante de mi dinero que nos ofrecen variedad y precios de los tiene que estar bien. También los cupones son algo que siempre busco y si los restaurantes tienen recompensa programas, y
los cupones en línea que se envían a una dirección de correo electrónico o impreso en el sitio, aún mejor.

Sin embargo cupones en línea o cualquier programa de cupones no es siempre el factor determinante para mí comida. Ahora estoy no es una persona rica por cualquier tramo de la imaginación, pero si veo algo que quiero, me voy y se lo comen. La variedad y la accesibilidad es mi principal preocupación. También tengo un montón de tarjetas de regalo en línea, y como les obtengo regalos también. Si usted tiene tarjetas de regalo no deseado, usted puede obtener dinero en efectivo para ellos, y te puedo mostrar cómo. Aquí está mi lista.

  •   El menú de Cracker Barrel y los precios
  •   Apple abejas precios del menú
  •   Menú con los precios de Golden Corral
  •   Los precios de Ruby Tuesday menú (barra de ensaladas Grande)
  •   Los precios de Fudd Rucker menú (Gran hamburguesas de avestruz)

¿Cuáles son los cinco mejores premios en línea y cupones para restaurantes Cupones imprimibles en línea son la mejor forma de ahorrar dinero en sus restaurantes favoritos. Yo uso todos ellos del tiempo, y la mayoría de las veces que les imprima en el fragor del momento, justo cuando los necesita. Entonces, ¿qué es el valor de los cupones, así para la mayor parte de los cupones para restaurantes puede variar de $5.00 a entradas gratis o aperitivos gratis o desiertos incluso gratis. La palabra importante aquí es gratis. Sobre todo cuando que son una familia de 5, que es el mío. Salir a comer una vez por semana puede ser caro, pero voy a tomar la familia tiempo juntos por encima de cualquier gasto monetario. Además, se pone a toda la gente de mal humor Comisión y todos contentos. Las esposas están felices de no tener que cocinar, y los maridos son felices no tienen que comer lo que las mujeres cocinan. Es ganar, ganar para todos!