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The Angry Egg Pool Helper Review

The Angry Egg Pool Helper Review

The Angry Egg

Cleaning your pool has to be as pain-staking an event me cleaning mine. I am always looking for new products to keep my pool crystal clean and clear. I used to pay for service, but things got a little tight, and I made pool keeping and lawn keeping, part of my weekly chores again. I figured that I could also get in a little exercise as well. One of the things that makes it tough to keep my pool the way I like it is, the Florida sunshine, and rain. Anyone that lives in Florida can agree.

I have also been reluctant to shed out some $1200.00 to make my pool a salt pool instead of the good old chlorine. I end up jumping into the pool more and more myself, especially as my kids get older. So I figure, I can hold off on the salt-chlorinating systems for a few more years.


I used to use many of the pool companies, like pinch-a-penny around my neck of the woods, but Lowe’s help improvement centers are so much closer to my home, that for the price I just can’t really say that what I spend in fuel getting to pinch-a-penny, just isn’t pinching enough of those pennies for me. So I go to Lowe’s.

Always looking for something easy, safe, and cheap I came across the Angry Egg. Now I am not selling these eggs, and I do not make a penny off of this product. Although I would like too. I don’t. But walking through the pool supply area of my local Lowe’s, I came across this product. This review of the “Angry Egg” is based on my own pool and I cannot vouch for any other pools or results.

Here is how the Angry Egg, which I assume came before Angry Birds? Right? I don’t know just guessing…For about $21.00 dollars at my local Lowe’s help center, I purchased a huge Yellow egg. This egg comes loaded with pool supplies that are supposed to take the cloudiest pool and make it clear, so long as the chemicals are balanced within the pool. So do not expect miracles if your pool is not balanced. At least this is what the box states. You take this Angry Egg, and toss it into your pool. What happens is that the chemicals are released into the pool and you should run your motor for 8 hours to let the chemicals go to work and clear up your cloudy pool.

I toss the Angry Egg, in at night. I just figure that during the night, there is less heat and no sun, so the product would be as intense as it possibly could be. I was not disappointed. In fact I was very pleased to see that the product does just what it is intended to do. Clear up your cloudy pool. Now, the verdict is up to you as to whether you can get better results from  the $21.00 egg, or the shock that you currently use. Those results remain to be seen for yourself. I recommend the product, because I watched it work. I watched the egg surface just like the package said it would, and I removed it from the water just that easy. Check your local Lowe’s home improvement centers, and check local pricing for the Angry Egg.

How To Fix It? Fix All’s For Homes Part 1

How To Fix It? Fix All’s For Homes Part 1

How To Evaluate Your Bedroom Wall For Repairs

Living in Florida, we are challenged by Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Tornadoes, flooding, you name it. These forces of nature can cause damages to your home. I have had this happen to me. I know first hand how to fix many things because I have experienced the damages that we will touch in this post. So, if you are seeing some cracks on your walls, there is no need to panic. So long as the wall is sound, and you cannot see your neighbor’s yard through a hole in your wall, we can fix it. Minor damages can have no significance at all, and many of the repairs can be fixed by someone with very little no how. However, there are some damages that will either need an insurance claim, and or professional help. We are not talking about this here. This help is for that minor damage that we can fix ourselves, and the insurance deductible won’t cover this. Besides many people who have paid off their homes, no longer carry homeowner’s insurance.

First Of All Identify The Problem

Most often, cracked walls and or pieces of damaged sheet rock are given attention when a property is being sold in the market and when the condition is not livable. Even though the owner insists that the cracked wall has been like that for quite some time, that is not how you want to go into a contract with a buyer. In order to get top dollar, many of these small fixes can be done by the owner himself, or herself. Lowe’s is one of the department stores for the handy that has a few seminars monthly and shops to help people with do it yourself projects.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or some one who is simply concerned about their walls in the home, there are always some important points on evaluating your property and whether or not it needs repairs or not. Many times the foundation walls that are built using concrete blocks are predisposed and you will see some cracks that run through the solid concrete walls. I have one of these right as we speak. Many times new fresh paint will cover this crack until the paint dries and then the stress reappears. There is a quick way to fix this but you have to use a bonding agent. I usually purchase mine at The Home Depot. You could use some epoxy that is also used for concrete mix on floors. It is blue in color, and it usually bonds the crack with each respective piece of wall. After that simple primer and paint will make this stress crack disappear.

What Should Cause You To Be Alarmed

Many times Insurance companies will come buy homes that they insure and inspect the trees on the property and have you cut them at the very least from touching a roof. Additionally, the roots of large and moderate sized trees that are near your home can also cause you major wall and roof problems. That is why it is important to see the signs of horizontal cracks on mortar joints as soon as they are visible. These are usually caused by too much inward pressure against the homes block foundation.

Usually, walls can remain cracked for about a number of years without any noticeable cracking additions or inward bulging but preliminary inspections should be able to determine the strength of a wall both exterior and interior. The important thing to remember here is that the horizontal crack once found, will cause your wall’s structural integrity to be reduced.

There Are Some Solutions As Well As Choices

Don’t stress this, because problems like these are possible to be permanently repaired and with the cost of the repair being minimal. Additionally, there are ways to fix this which will not have to have a complete wall replacement. But the inward movement cannot exceed one inch in relation to the bottom of the wall, if it does then there may not be a way to save your wall. One method you can do is brace the wall with reinforced block piers or steel post-braces, you can find these at Lowe’s and the Home depot as well, similar in pricing. If you are concerned with the cost, I know from experience that the steel post-braces are less expensive than the alternative methods. Look for more posts on do it yourself home repairs and other posts about homes. A good method for deciding whether or not to fix your home yourself or outsource the work, is to price the job yourself, then get a quote from some one who does this for a living. Sit back and evaluate the two. Then and only then can you make a more educated decision.

Ever Wonder The Cost Of Replacing A Roof

Ever Wonder The Cost Of Replacing A Roof

What is the cost of replacing a roof?

If you own your very own home, you know sooner than later you will have to do major maintenance work around the home. Replacing a roof is probably the costlier of the jobs that will be done around the home. So when faced with this challenge I ask you, Do It Yourself Job Or Hire Someone To Do The Job? If you are not handy at all then the point is moot. There is plenty of leg work to do as well, like permits and contractual stuff, and also mitigating with the insurance company.

Now if you have a leaking roof this can be an easy job to fix and there is a great difference between the leaking roof as opposed to the roof that needs replacing. A leaky roof can cause your living rooms ceiling to fall down (this has happened to me) in my case the interior work was done by me. The exterior work, by a roofing professional. Having said this, the interior part is not going to cost you your next vacation, in fact it is very simple so long as you have someone who can help you life sheet-rock.

Roof Contractors

While picking a roof contractor is very important, it is equally important that you have the ability to watch them work and assure yourself that they are not cutting any corners. A solid roof job should easily last you 20 years with some maintenance here and there. I live in South Florida and with hurricane season and a heavy rainfall season included. Actually, when a leaking roof is caught in time the problem can usually be fixed the same day you discovered the leak and this minimizes the damage and expense. In other instances the leak surprises you but has caused too much damage to just be patched up in a day, and a more in-depth attempt is needed to solidify the leaky roof. This is when you ask yourself if you are up for the challenge or are you going to go professional.

First things first, you are going to need to find out is how bad the damage is, whether or not you can access this only you know, both the interior and exterior damage is considered during the evaluation you may need to hire two contractors is you are not a handy person with small jobs around the home. Sometimes the damage is bad but we still don’t see the effects till the wet season or after a rainstorm and other tropical depression or even hurricane. The key is checking your roof periodically, like before winter and after winter or after rough weather as this could save you a lot of trouble.

Some tips are, if you do not find any signs of a leak in your roof cavity then proceed to check your roof and be sure to get a good evaluation. There are always a few signs to look for I am going to list them here for you:

  • Missing tiles
  • Damaged tiles
  • Interior leaks and wet spots

Here are some items you may need to fix your roof:

  • Cement mortar
  • Chisel
  • Galvanized roofing nails
  • Hacksaw
  • Hammer
  • Metal shears
  • Replacement tiles
  • Roof cement
  • Safety goggles
  • Scraper
  • Roofing Iron
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife

IKEA Coupons – Making Shopping Easier

ikea gift cardsIKEA Coupons And Savings

For many, many months my brother has been bragging about Ikea and the Ikea coupons and savings. I disregarded him and the notion of practical furniture. Boy was I wrong. Especially with the items I found in the Ikea kitchens section. My kitchen is not a very big, kitchen and soon I will be posting up pictures of it on this site, but I was able to practically transform the kitchen with many items from the best furniture for my money.

Many of the items in this store are practical and space saving, and with the amount of junk in my home, I can certainly benefit from a store like this, I am guessing so can many other home owners. The Ikea website can be used for many of the same in store purchases, in fact I prefer to use the website, because in my town this store’s popularity has gone through the roof, and on the weekends it is pretty tough to move around in it, recession or not. I have been searching the Internet for Ikea coupons, and I have yet to find something that is worthy of pointing for the true Ikea fan. I have heard of the Ikea discounts, but most of those have come in the way of sales at the store.

The IKEA Gift Card

I have found a new gift to put on my brother’s wish list, as well as many other friends and family members, the Ikea gift card. It is practical and just about everyone can find something in the furniture friendly store to suit their needs. I have just noticed that some of the home builders have turned to this store furnishing their model homes and I have to believe that as the recession begins to dwindle their will be more construction and more models that will exhibit the Ikea brand of furniture. I would like to thank my brother for pointing this store out to me and I would like to offer the readers of this site the opportunity to provide you with the best chance to acquire Ikea coupons to use in this great furniture store.

IKEA Review And Where To Get IKEA Coupons

IKEA couponsIKEA Coupons

Regardless of what you have seen in the pictures, all of the colors do not have to coordinate. With IKEA Coupons there is something for every taste, be it red, white, and blue or yellow, green, and black. The fact that so many items come in so many colors, is what makes this such a fun store.

On the top of my gift selections, I have a new number one. The IKEA gift card, I cannot believe that any one person who strolls this magnificent store, will come away thinking that there was not anything in there that they needed. Highly doubtful of that scenario ever playing out, don’t you agree? I am not saying mindless spending either, I am taking practicality here. The thought behind the IKEA style store has caught on like wildfire here in the U.S. I have seen new homes remodeled with furniture from this store and it looks incredible. If there are rooms in your home, that are short on space, I have seen many space saving bed towers with computer stands and drawers, that have been on sale of late. There are many models to choose from, and of course the colors as well.

Where To Get IKEA Discounts

From light fixtures, cabinets, to book shelving and book cases, there is not anything you won’t find for the home. IKEA discounts run rampant as well, you can be sure to save on just about everything. I have been searching the web for IKEA coupons, and I believe that I have found a few that are worth sharing for those interested. Whether you are already an IKEA fan, or just started coming around to the superstore, this site will have something for everyone. If there is any information that you would like to share with me, please feel free to do so. I can be located at the email address located in the contact page. Thank for reading the post and keep on shopping with IKEA coupons.

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