The Zepherhills Powerball Winner

The largest jackpot Power-Ball winner from Zephyr-hills Florida has yet to come forward. This is now two weeks since the winner of the largest jackpot in Power-Ball history matched all 5 numbers plus the Power-ball. It is typical for winners of large jackpots like this to take the time and figure out what the best course of action is, and the least amount of penalty for the surge of increased wages in regards to claiming this ticket as an individual or LLC. entity.

There is also the possibility that this can be a group winning. Although with this delay this scenario is highly unlikely. There is more likely hood that the winner not a local but is from out of town, all of this of course is just pure speculation on my part as a writer of lucky winnings and a follower of the largest jackpots in the U.S.

The Power-Ball has boasted some of the largest lottery winners of all time, and there is no chance that this information will not be brought to the media the minute the winner steps forward. We will bring you the update once this happens. Until then, keep dreaming, keep playing!