My Kids Love Dogs

My Kids Love Dogs

So Are You Searching For The Perfect Pet Dog For Your Family?

My family has a tradition of loving large dogs. My wife loves them, my kids and me too.  I love large dogs because they are kind of goofy. It has always been said that dog is man’s best friend, but in my home my dogs equally make me feel like I am their best friend. There are many benefits to having dogs.  and it may just be the perfect pet for the entire family, certainly one of the best interacting pets of all time, and extremely intelligent. Beside for the most part they are really cute and cuddly. Save money today on your pet supplies, you deserve this!

My Two English Mastiffs…

I recently brought home two female sibling English Mastiffs. My daughter named them Brandee and Milly short for (Milagros) which is Spanish for miracle. She was sick as a pup. Now all better, she is a wonderful piece to our family puzzle. The best thing about them is the playfulness and their jealousy which they display each and everyday. If I pet one more than the other, they make a howling noise, which let’s me know I need to pet the other some more.  Many types of  dogs can be dangerous, but these over-grown English Mastiffs which are not yet two years old (November) already weigh in excess of 160 lbs. They love to tear up my yards, though.

Taking care of dogs entails a great deal of dedication and love, because they rely on you for everything. Food, water, and fun time as well. They want that human touch. You cannot just toss them into a yard and expect them to fend for themselves. I get very upset when I see strays about the town, this tells me that for the most part people quickly fade out with the novelty of having a pup. Once the dog grows up a little, he or she is tossed out to the curb. This is a bad situation for the animals and for the neighbors.

The upkeep in terms of time and money is also as large as my dogs. Dogs are a heavy responsibility both money wise as well as the responsibility of the time, that it takes to care for them. Walking them for exercise is a must if you want a healthy and active dog. Getting a dog for your kids will most definitely mean that you have to give of your time since taking care of them might be to overwhelming for your kids. I have small kids and my dogs are huge.

These breed of dog originally came from a region in England, and while there are many varieties of the Mastiff, they are quite smart. At one time, they were the chosen dog of the Spartans. Big, strong and muscular. Which is how I keep mine. Very little fat on them at all. This is always good for their hind legs which is something that always seems to break down on large breed dogs. Please always take care of your dogs, and visit some of these sites that I have placed here for you to get yourself a nice discount on some of the products that you possibly already use on a daily basis. Thanks for reading.

The Fun About English Mastiff Puppies

The Fun About English Mastiff Puppies

In November 2011, I was very happy to have received some news from a friend that his English Mastiff puppies were ready to be picked up. His English Mastiff’s were almost through with the gestation period and soon I would have my puppy. The day came in March when I got the call to come pick my pup. When I arrived there were still 6 of the litter left, and I was quickly drawn to a female brindle with light green eyes. She was beautiful and I could not believe that 6 people prior to me had passed on her. This is my story on the first 4 months with English Mastiffs. That’s right I said it plural! Read on.

Mastiff Rescue

You can read plenty about English Mastiffs on the web, and there are many Mastiff rescue stories, the dog breed is just plain huge, and not for everyone. A large yard is most certainly required, because the dog is very active. OK, I said plural up above. The story goes like this. When I picked out Brandee, the owner of the mom (which weighs in at around 175) and the dad (about 185) told me how connected Brandee was to Mili (short for Milagro, which means Miracle in Spanish) the reason they named her that was she was very sick as a young pup and they actually were told that she would not make it at one point. But resilient as she is, I know this for several reasons, she made!

They told me that she did not stop whining and crying since Brandee left the home. I thought since the dogs are huge and they eat alot, I figured that getting rid of 12 of these pups would be a task. Perhaps he was trying to get me to grab another, maybe Mili? So being a pet lover like I am, I bit! I told him really? She keeps crying. Knowing her background, I was like WOW, and I actually though to myself, without telling my family members, maybe I will go and get her too, I know totally crazy!!!

Adopt A Puppy

So I thought, let me go over there and see what exactly is going on with Mili and I will take Brandee along, and make sure that this crying and whining is truly the result of Brandee being gone. When I arrived there with Brandee, I took her around back and joy and jubilation that I witnessed was absurd. They were equally jumping and kissing each other, something I had never seen between puppies. They ran together to the mom and dad, and I witnessed them get lickety licked clean, by the mom. There were still three other pups and the connection was not there, between them and my Brandee. Sure they came over and sniffed each other, but not the joy between Mili and Brandee. It was something to behold. So like any other true dog lover, I now own them both! Crazy I know.

I would not be writing this story, If I did not feel like perhaps motivating someone to own a large breed dog. Sure you have to have the space, but they are the most gentle giants amongst breeds. I know you hear all the Spartan stories, and alike, but they are truly protective and gentle in the best way possible. I have two gems, and I have not regret it one moment. I have had a few minor procedures done on both of them by my vet. But overall they are incredible pets. They do eat plenty of food, and already weigh in about 85 pounds. They both turned eight months on the 24th of July. The photo on the post is that of Brandee and in my next update I will add a picture of Brandee (the day I brought her home). Thanks for reading.