Hockey Speed and Power by Kevin Miehm – Pro Calibre Hockey Training from an Ex-NHL Player

Hockey Speed and Power by Kevin Miehm – Pro Calibre Hockey Training from an Ex-NHL Player

Kevin designed this manual for our team and our players loved it. Many times players get theses manuals and toss them out. Our guys knew Kevin played at a very high level and trusted his knowledge. I was extremely impressed with the conditioning levels our players came to training camp with.

I highly recommend any player serious about moving on in hockey follow Kevin’s principals. He is a first class Strength and Conditioning Coach.

One big problem is that the vast majority of hockey training programs put way too much emphasis on long endurance exercises and not nearly enough on quickness, speed and power. That doesn’t make much sense if you think about it…

Hockey isn’t a game where a player spends 60 minutes straight on the ice, putting out a medium level of effort the whole time. Hockey is a game where you hit the ice and give 110% of your effort for a quick shift, then hit the bench to rest up for the next one.

My program is effective. If I knew then what I know now about the importance of speed and power training, I would have been even stronger and more powerful, and it would have taken my game to the next level. That is what motivated me to become a Master Specialist Trainer following my professional hockey career. In addition, my exposure to European training methods contributed to winning the “European Scoring Title” and “European Player of the Year”. My points per game total in my first season in Europe is still the highest total ever recorded in any European Elite League records.

I want to share my 15 years of personal experience as a player in North America and European Elite Leagues and my knowledge as Master Specialist Trainer in this sport. I have wrapped all of this into an easy to understand, easy to follow manual designed to yield noticeable and meaningful results in your on-ice performance. I am driven to help players of all ages reach their full potential.

These exercises will give you a huge edge on your competition and you’ll see exactly why so many of the most dominant players at the top of hockey are from Europe and Russia. Their training techniques are amazing!

One of the most important things that anyone should consider when training is safety, and Hockey Speed and Power was designed with safety as a key consideration.

I’m a certified personal trainer with tons of experience training players of all ages and skill levels, and I know what is safe and what isn’t. The exercises in this program are all safe, proven exercises and very easy to perform safely.

Not only that, but I’ve also…