Dear Matthew – Confirmation

Dear Matthew,

When I first became a father with my daughter (Janelle) I was quickly able to put what I knew to be decent fatherhood skills into effect. My daughter was warm and gentle, growing up she also needed her daddy more times than not, and a few more times than her mommy (this made me feel good). I was sure after her birth and during her early years that all I wanted to have were girls. They were cute and cuddly, and warm and I already mentioned that they needed their daddies it seemed for everything. Then, came November 10, 2000. With it came the birth of my first son, Matthew.

As a father of two now, my attention was split into two children, and I was a proud papa of a bouncing baby boy. I cannot explain in words what it felt like to have a boy. As I looked at you I often wondered if you only knew that one day you would be the head of your household, and maybe even mine. As you grew I watched you be determined, responsible, smart and a very handsome young boy. But as I reflect on your gift of life which was given to me by God and what it really meant, I only have to think back to every time you go to bed, or wake up or leave my side. You are the most affectionate, and loving son any man can ever want or hope for. Growing up my family was always very affectionate, and I can only imagine that you received that from me. I always shared a kiss and a hug with my dad. Those are things that feel good, and as parents a hug and a kiss is equally assuring for us as they are for our children and just as beneficial.

I want to take this moment to thank you for the man that you are quickly becoming. I want to thank you for all the hugs and kisses, because so many of them came at a moment in my life when that was what I needed the most. I don’t know how you knew it but you seemed to know when it was the right time for a son to hug his father. These days it seems to be what I draw strength from, I love you and who you are, and I am so proud of this next step that you are taking in your religious confirmation of faith.

Love your dad!