Restaurant Wars – The Outback Comeback

With restaurants going to war for your hard-earned cash. Outback has stepped into the war with a great change to their restaurant menu and more importantly their prices. Just visited them last this weekend and I am here to report, that where their food was never in question, many different restaurants are fighting for your money, and they fight well.

Just this Saturday I visited them with my family and had an incredible meal, which I will explain in detail. More importantly where many people cannot afford to eat out, I am here to tell you that a family of four for under $75.00 is not completely out of the norm. We left stuffed by the way. With their new menu changes, one of my favorites took a hit. The Boomerang Shrimp platter is no longer on the Outback menu. So with that I had to make a change, I was so very pleased.

The Blooming Onion

A family of four for under $80.00. Yes, you can. My family dining consisted this evening of two (2) adults and two (2) kids but one of my kids, the twelve-year-old eats like the old man. So this is what we experienced that night. For starters, you cannot go wrong with the blooming onion. It is one of our favorites. I might add that while other restaurants try this, no one has this starter/appetizer like the one at Outback. They also bring bread and butter to the table on the house. It is tough to keep a family of four bill under $80.00 if you introduce wine and beer, or alcoholic drinks to the tab. So as a rule of thumb when I am out with my kids, no alcohol. Just trying to set a standard my kids can live by. Plus this is a family night out.

My kids, had each a meal. One had the kid’s chicken fingers and fries. The other had the Blooming Burger well done. Now the change comes to their menu with a new and introduced meal for $15.00 with four courses. Can’t believe it. I will describe it in detail. Also I suggest that you check the local Outback restaurant in your area, for any menu changes. I do not know if this is a regional deal, or state-wide.

A $15.00 4 course meal which includes the following. Soup (soup of the day) salad, you can choose from Caesar salad, house salad, and Blue cheese pecan (which we both had) it was incredible! Followed by the main course, my spouse had Salmon grilled with vegetables, I had the 9 oz steak with garlic mashed potatoes. Each of these comes also with desert. Either cheese cake or carrot cake. Anyway you slice this, 4 courses for $15.00 is an unbelievable deal. Actually the steak course meal was an extra $3.00 for the 9 oz steak, you can get the 6 oz steak for the same price as the grilled Salmon, $15.00. Try the new Outback restaurant menu and save money today with Groupon.