The Superbowl, Funny Commercials, and Parties


The Superbowl is upon us again. More incredible funny commercials, parties everywhere. So how will you stock pile your party? How much will it cost? All good questions. I have a thought. How about some money saving coupons to help take the burden from your party off of your wallet. I know I am the type of person that enjoys throwing a good party but I never ask anyone to bring anything. It is my one gift each and every year to family and friends. I was just raised that way, good bad or indifferent. That is me. So I throw this party and I do not ask anyone to bring anything. Sure people always show up with something, a plate of this or that, a bottle of this and that. But they never are made to feel like they have to bring it. That is just me.

Coupons And Savings

There are so many places that will help you out with valid good coupons to assist your party and your wallet. I use them all and I score all the time. Coupons make me able to afford party throwing, which we all know can get expensive. This is probably the reason more people do not throw them. So where can we all get some coupons and free samples of stuff to use each and everyday, as well as the days that just move us to toss a party, like the Superbowl. This years contest is called by many as the “Har-bowl” because it is the first time in the history of the NFL that two brothers face each other in the capacity of head coach. Brothers have faced off against each other before, but never as coaches. In fact this last New England vs. Baltimore AFC championship had brothers on opposing sides.

So this years party will be exciting for everyone regardless of who you are rooting for. But it will be especially gratifying for the coaches and their families, as they attempt to not be torn between the two brothers. Regardless of this situation, my party has to be just right. So I will be relying on coupons, free samples, and just about anything else that I can get my hands on to make this party the best one yet. Congratulations to the S.F. 49ers (representing the NFC) and the Baltimore Ravens (AFC).