Fantasy Football Tribulations With Big D!

Fantasy Football 2012

Well I decided to begin this tribulations page because I am having the worst Fantasy Football season ever! In this first post I am going to take the time to list my team, and the my tribulations. They have been horrible trust me. It’s not the $120 they I lost, it’s just the way I lost it. First things first. I am at my max for moves (15) and I have had my share of injuries to key players like Demarco Murray, Greg Jennings, Brandon Bolden, and where the hell was James Jones on Sunday Night! Is anyone other than me asking?

Here is a quick glimpse of my team, next year promises to be a more comprehensive insight to my team and trades, and I will be asking those interested for tips. Since nothing that I have done this year, has worked. My first year in this league produced me a 2nd place finish and $600.00, not bad. Thing is I believed the game was this easy. Shocker!!! 2nd year produced a 5-9 record and this year the dreaded 0-12. WOW! Here are my starters and some additional players.

2012 Fantasy Football Team

  • Tom Brady
  • Demarco Murray
  • James Jones
  • Greg Jennings
  • Frank Gore
  • Vernon Davis
  • Jason Witten
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Defense
  • Dan Carpenter
  • Danny Woodhead
  • Brandon Lloyd
  • Santana Moss
  • Brandon Bolden
  • Brandon Lafell

If you need a league to begin your own Fantasy Football league, I have been using both CBS Sports as well as Yahoo. Both are equally easy to use and you can complete your leagues teams and input the Fantasy Football players with ease. My 13th game comes up this week. I will keep you posted on the league and whether or not I get to win a game this year.

James Jones – Green Bay Packers wide out, did not catch or targeted one time this week. I ask any football coach out there that is this is the case and no other players can get any progress done, why not throw his way. I believe that there has been a falling out of sorts between both Jones and Aaron Rogers. There is no other speculation that would make sense. The Packers were absolutely beat up this past week by the NY Giants. If you want to share any progress or transgressions within your league just let me know.