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The Walt Disney World Guide – Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach – A Simple Guide

Many vacationers have to save quite a bit of money to take the family on a Walt Disney World vacation. So, if you are visiting Disney World in Orlando Florida, and you want some time to cool off from the heat, that is the single reason that the Walt Disney Water Parks have become a huge hit with vacationers everywhere. Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach could be just the ticket to help you cool off, and have a blast at the same time. This is just one of the water parks that you can find at Walt Disney World, the other is Typhoon Lagoon, But in many people’s opinion Blizzard Beach is definitely the best.

Inside the water park, expect to find many different water slides to spend a fun packed afternoon, and also multiple water attractions that will keep your interest even if you don’t want to get wet, but expect to get wet for the best fun!

According to recent statistics, Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach is the 2nd most popular water park anywhere around the globe, which means there are always plenty of people around no matter when you decide to go. So keep having fun in mind, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Impatience and long lines. People are usually not wanting to wait lines, but when you vacation at Walt Disney World, this should be expected. However, this is not always ideal, especially if you don’t want to be waiting around for hours on end to gain access to the attractions. So keeping this in mind, it’s always a good idea to get a Fast Access Pass from Disney, so you don’t have to wait at all the attractions like everybody else. Now with the new Magic Bands from Disney, you can store all your information in one place and have that band around your wrist all the time, getting wet or not. Hotel key (on Walt Disney World grounds), attraction rides, and even a spending account.

Just be aware, that Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach closes for approximately 2 months every single year so the theme park staff can carry out essential clean up of the water and park, but these months are usually during the winter. Typically, this is around the beginning of the year, so make sure you are fully aware of the exact dates before booking your trip to Disney World, if water parks is what you want to visit.

Some tips when visiting Blizzard Beach:

Rent a locker

Let’s face it, carrying your valuable items around all day when you want to be having fun in the water is a real hassle. This is why it’s always a good idea to rent a locker at the main entrance, so you can put items such as phone, jewelry, passports and credit cards as well as money safely away. Don’t worry, your belongings will be safe as nobody will have access to the safe other than yourself, and the key comes with a safety band, which you will wear on a wrist.

Avoid the crowds

While Blizzard Beach is busy all year round, if you want to go when there is slightly less of a crowd then it’s advisable to go earlier in the week, such as Monday or Tuesday. This ensures that you won’t have to wait for hours just to go on a water slide. Also, it’s a good idea to go first thing in the morning if you can, as the crowds do start to form around the late morning and early afternoon time period. I really don’t know why, that is usually the time that the storms roll through in Florida.

Eat with Mickey

If you want to see a look of delight on kids faces, then why not book a meal with Mickey Mouse, or any of the other popular Disney characters? This is now very possible at resturants around Disney World and Blizzard Beach, so you can get a real Disney experience and memories to last a lifetime. Just be aware that these meals must be booked 90 days in advance due to the high demand. Here are some of the restaurants that offer characters for either breakfast, lunch, and or dinner:

  • Contemporary Hotel: Chef Mickey’s
  • The Polynesian Hotel: Ohana’s Best Friends
  • The Grand Floridian Hotel: Grand Floridian Cafe
  • The Magic Kingdom: The Crystal Palace, the Cinderella Castle (character dining)


Walt Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a great day out for all ages, and due to the many special discounts being offered by Disney World, there has never been a better time to visit. Have fun!

Part-Time Jobs And The Toys R Us Application

ToysToys R Us Application Online – Don’t Do It!

As far as part-time jobs go, the Toys R Us application steps right in line with that 3 month job that can get you over the hump for the holidays. November, December and January (the early part of the month) can keep you employed as shoppers go crazy buying and returning toys for the holiday season. Toys R Us is one of the biggest nationwide employers of holiday season. Both teens and adults alike get hired. The minimum wage is what you can expect but there is always some kind of bonus in the adjusted hours of your schedule. While you have to work plenty, the hours make up for good checks during the months of November and December as these stores shift their hours and prepare to get every dollar they can from the consumer. Check out MY REWARDS!

You most certainly do not want to do any online processing of job applications because the process is slow and many people that apply for a job with the Toys R Us application are hired on the spot. Dead on the spot. A manager needs the bodies for employment and the people that come in and do the application in person most of the time get hired on the spot during the holidays. So if you want to be comfortable at home and fill these online job application from your PC at home, you may be missing out on the quick job response.

Here is what I recommend if the Toys R Us job is for you. Apply for the Toys R Us job in person, and this goes for other similar jobs like the Best Buy job and other jobs of retail stores that sell toys and electronics. Throw H.H.Gregg into that mix as well. H.H.Gregg also offers the online job application, but most of the employees that get hired can do so right on the spot. For reading the blog I always offer something to the reader through my rewards. Today through my rewards, you will have an opportunity to apply right here on this site with Beyond.Com. Take a look at my rewards and begin your application today.


How To Buy A Car – Car Purchasing Review

How To Buy A Car – Car Purchasing Review

How to buy a car

Buying a new vehicle is something that generates many joint emotions: anxiety, fear, and also joy, among others. But we must not forget that the purchase of a car is a major cash outlay for the average person, therefore you must separate the emotion of the event and make the purchase with a cool head. Given this we will give you a few tips that will show you how to buy a car safely and all the while getting the best deal according to your automotive needs: A car purchasing review by Mr. Timmy Says.

– Check with several dealerships:

Many times the car model you have in mind has a certain price tag at a dealership and a completely different one in another car dealership. Therefore, if you maximize your money, it is necessary to take the time to inquire in different places as to the going rate for the vehicle that you really want. When you do this not only takes into account price, also remember to ask about the benefits that this price includes as they relate to the extras that are in the vehicle eg: stereo, rims, air bags, and if any shipping freight, etc.. All of them are key questions when you are purchasing a car. So understand the importance of these key features as they relate to the car you want to buy.


– Compare the pros and cons of buying a used model or a new model:

You may want to buy a used previous version of the model you have in mind. Buying a used car has its points against the purchase as well. For instance, points for the greater chance that the car has any damage, and among the latter, the fact that you could pay considerably less for the car somewhere else. In turn, a new car is more expensive but has a longer life and a greater warranty from the factory. If buying a used car always use the car-fax to verify any previous damages or issues with the vehicle.

– Discuss financing options:

When evaluating how to buy a car we must consider what the payment options are going to be. Many companies offer competitive financing and on this blog we have many different ones available for review by the consumer before the actual purchase. So please take the time to study these because sometimes the different between saving hundreds of dollars can be something very simple. As consumers we have to consider whether we should buy  a car it in installments and pay a reasonable interest fee that the lender would charge, or perhaps determine that it is better to borrow from the bank and or a credit union and pay cash buying the car outright and paying the bank directly. Here is the information that you need to make this decision, I hope you find it helpful. You can email me if there any additional questions that I can help you with. Thanks.

What Is The Quickest Way To Find A Job?

What Is The Quickest Way To Find A Job?

Not Just The McDonalds Application!

As the Summer approaches people begin to ponder a way to get hired with a job quickly for the Summer. Online job applications are the easiest way to begin the process as you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home in order to apply for a job online. Teenagers everywhere will be looking to join the work force this season as well. So add that to the number of people that are going to be searching for employment very soon. So often people ask what the easiest, quickest way to determine how they can fill an employment position and quick. Fill out my job application process, and get on the quick path to get hired today.

For teens the answer seems to be easier than the adults that seek for jobs this Summer. The main reason is that an entry position at McDonalds or Burger King will be a whole lot easier for a teen to take than say an adult with a family and other needs. Needs that out weigh a cell phone, or money to go to a movie, or even fuel for a car. Adults need jobs that are going to take care of other needs, like health insurance, mortgage or rent payments, and the cost of maintaining these same teens. So the task gets tougher, but do not despair. If you seek a part-time job or full time job I have information that will assist you on getting hired. Not only do I have the information but I have the place that will more than likely be the only stop you will ever have to make to get hired. Start your application process with me right now, and you will find that rewarding job today. Remember a push is only a push, if you can gain steam from it. Push these buttons today, get a job that you need.

What places can you expect to find a meaningful job at?

Well like I stated earlier, places like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Checkers would most certainly be more serving for a teen. These entry level or crew member positions have teens written all over them. This however, does not mean that an adult cannot apply for this job or get it. Now adults need things like health insurance and other motivational perks that can place them behind the wheel of a nice job. They need it, this economy needs it to help us maintain some type of stability, so without further delay these jobs are to include jobs for employment like, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, The local University, for me it is the University of Miami ( which I worked there for about 13 years) and other local colleges and school districts. Jobs like custodian, maintenance workers, and other technical hands on types of jobs should not be overlooked as they can replace insecurity with security and we can all use some security in the workforce.

Fantasy Baseball Participants Get Ready To Sweat

Fantasy Baseball Participants Get Ready To Sweat

Well, Major League Baseball players could care less about your fantasy baseball league, it is official! Get ready to pick up and scramble to fill big names in your league, with non-performance enhancing drug using players. Other than maybe Alex Rodriguez, who has not been available to anybody this year, the other names are enough to shriek just about any rotisserie league manager. Big name baseball stars are facing massive suspensions, anywhere from 50 to 100 games, in a move that will most certainly alter the playoff hopes of many teams. Anthony Bosch the owner and operator of a Coral Gables Florida center that issued PED (Performance enhancing drugs) has much to say now, and much of that will bury the hopes and dreams of many teams, players and me…a Fantasy baseball owner. Bummer right? Yes!

Why Does MLB Care So Much?

Socking home runs, pitching shutouts, running like a cheetah in the Savannah, we all love to see this don’t we?  Who can forget the Sammy Sosa vs. Mark McGwire days? That was actually before Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens, and before MLB cared about any of this performance enhancing drugs stuff. In the NFL no one cares is a safety shoots up, and the main reason is that his stats are worthless. So he tackled someone 43 times this year. So he recovered two fumbles??? The NBA for the most part is the same. I am not stating that any one super human player that with shoulders the size of buildings is using P.E.D’s or that he is not. All I am saying is no one cares about steals, triple doubles, double doubles or anything else that ends with doubles.

However MLB, has been a stat driven sport since back when CY Young was notching complete games on back to back nights. It is important to MLB and the books are as sacred as well the good book, maybe even more so. The Major League stats in baseball are where historians are born, bar none. So to baseball it matters, and so it matters and Henry Aaron’s home run mark busted by Barry Bonds will not count, and the asterisks will remain, and the players will be suspended and my baseball league team will come in last place…again. OK so I have to blame this on something, I may as well blame the P.E.D’s! Here is a short list of some of the players that will more than likely not be on your team very soon…Enjoy!

  • Ryan Braun     Brewers
  • Everth Cabrera     Padres
  • Melky Cabrera     Blue Jays
  • Francisco Cervelli     Yankees
  • Bartolo Colon     Athletics
  • Nelson Cruz     Rangers
  • Fautino de los Santos     Free agent
  • Gio Gonzalez*     Nationals
  • Yasmani Grandal     Padres
  • Fernando Martinez     Astros
  • Jesus Montero     Mariners
  • Jordan Norberto     Free agent
  • Jhonny Peralta     Tigers
  • Cesar Puello**     Mets
  • Alex Rodriguez     Yankees
Kindle Fire Tablet Review

Kindle Fire Tablet Review

Which Is Better For Your Money? Kindle Fire Or The IPAD?

The most recent televised and advertised item I can think of is the kindle Fire tablet by Amazon. This is being portrayed by the media to be better than the Apple IPAD tablet. If you have not seen the commercials yet then don’t worry you’re not missing anything. I understand that there is a crisis in the electronic device industry due to apple’s great ideas but wow really? The kindle looks like a piece of plastic that has no great benefits.

The media is blowing this device out of the water when it does not even have half the feature that the IPAD has. Did you know that the kindle fire has no camera? I am sure you did not but that’s not a big deal but no app store? What’s the purpose of this expensive piece of plastic? Well it offers a dual core processor that the IPAD has and a high resolution screen that the IPAD has as well. Hmmm, I’ve yet to see any feature that encourages me to purchase this tablet. Why would the media market this product? Is this what they call marketing? Is this is done just to make a paycheck to live off?

Amazon Sales Surpass All Time High

Well Amazon has paid celebrities money to use their product to show off to the public. Jane Linch is the celebrity hired by Amazon to use this public on television to capture consumers to buy the new tablet. The commercial is intended to attract young and older adults. The tablet features games and web surfing for the young teens and books and email for the adults. Doesn’t apple offer the same features with their IPAD line? I believe so but there is one difference in both products and that is the price. Apple IPAD is pricey but you get great technical support and a product that takes a beating.

I am sure that the celebrities hired to do commercials like this half the time don’t even own the product they sponsor. This is a large marketing scam if you ask me for my opinion. The holidays are a great time to spend millions on large commercials to attract buyers. Christmas shopping here in the United States is huge and everyone wants their products to be on everyone’s wish list. This causes large corporations to create large marketing campaigns behind their products to bring in a high demand for their product. Apple products are a monopoly in their own class but at least they do not offer low class quality products that do not offer the features that they market.

The Amazon commercial created to market the kindle fire had to be banned from TV due to people wrong image of the product. In the commercial people receive their new kindle fire poorly shipped and left outside for other’s to steal. Now you must be thinking what does this have to do with the product? Well if you purchase something I am sure you don’t want it to get stolen so that marketing ideal was trashed because people did not want to buy the product if they had to take a risk of having it stolen. Commercials like that one can drive your product to the ground and this is why it is very important to showcase your product the correct way if you want to sell it. Shortly after pulling the commercial over the air waves a new commercial was released that encouraged buyers to purchase the same product, now that was a proper propaganda platform.

The Angry Egg Pool Helper Review

The Angry Egg Pool Helper Review

The Angry Egg

Cleaning your pool has to be as pain-staking an event me cleaning mine. I am always looking for new products to keep my pool crystal clean and clear. I used to pay for service, but things got a little tight, and I made pool keeping and lawn keeping, part of my weekly chores again. I figured that I could also get in a little exercise as well. One of the things that makes it tough to keep my pool the way I like it is, the Florida sunshine, and rain. Anyone that lives in Florida can agree.

I have also been reluctant to shed out some $1200.00 to make my pool a salt pool instead of the good old chlorine. I end up jumping into the pool more and more myself, especially as my kids get older. So I figure, I can hold off on the salt-chlorinating systems for a few more years.


I used to use many of the pool companies, like pinch-a-penny around my neck of the woods, but Lowe’s help improvement centers are so much closer to my home, that for the price I just can’t really say that what I spend in fuel getting to pinch-a-penny, just isn’t pinching enough of those pennies for me. So I go to Lowe’s.

Always looking for something easy, safe, and cheap I came across the Angry Egg. Now I am not selling these eggs, and I do not make a penny off of this product. Although I would like too. I don’t. But walking through the pool supply area of my local Lowe’s, I came across this product. This review of the “Angry Egg” is based on my own pool and I cannot vouch for any other pools or results.

Here is how the Angry Egg, which I assume came before Angry Birds? Right? I don’t know just guessing…For about $21.00 dollars at my local Lowe’s help center, I purchased a huge Yellow egg. This egg comes loaded with pool supplies that are supposed to take the cloudiest pool and make it clear, so long as the chemicals are balanced within the pool. So do not expect miracles if your pool is not balanced. At least this is what the box states. You take this Angry Egg, and toss it into your pool. What happens is that the chemicals are released into the pool and you should run your motor for 8 hours to let the chemicals go to work and clear up your cloudy pool.

I toss the Angry Egg, in at night. I just figure that during the night, there is less heat and no sun, so the product would be as intense as it possibly could be. I was not disappointed. In fact I was very pleased to see that the product does just what it is intended to do. Clear up your cloudy pool. Now, the verdict is up to you as to whether you can get better results from  the $21.00 egg, or the shock that you currently use. Those results remain to be seen for yourself. I recommend the product, because I watched it work. I watched the egg surface just like the package said it would, and I removed it from the water just that easy. Check your local Lowe’s home improvement centers, and check local pricing for the Angry Egg.

Which Protein Bars Offer The Best Value?

Which Protein Bars Offer The Best Value?

Protein Bar Sales

As people keep pushing the bar to get into shape, new foods and ideas surface. Now the protein bar is not a new idea, we all know this. But statistics show that Americans are always pushing the envelope along with plenty of weight. Don’t get me wrong, I am overweight as well. So I am not passing judgement on anyone here. But these bars are getting out of hand. Also everyone is making them now.

The weight loss industry has jumped in to promote products to aid in weight loss, bodybuilding, and health so all you have to do is pick your area of concern and move in. These bars are not cheap though. Depending on what you want to purchase and what type of quality you are looking for. The protein bar or RTÉ’s (ready to eat meals) is a product that mostly every store carries as well. Everything from convenience stores to supermarkets to specialty weight loss and muscle-building stores. These energy bars, can be found at health food stores, and your local gym.

For a while now these bars claim to contain enough nutrition to be a meal replacement, and now you can even purchase these bars that inflate or expand in your stomach with some water, to assure you the feeling of being completely full. Are they really all they claim to be though? Also many people are not willing to sacrifice taste, so are they good tasting? Some taste good; some don’t.

So how can you determine which bars are the best protein bars that suit your needs and wants? Sometimes you have to sacrifice taste for nutrition. Other times depending on which bar you purchase, you get them both, or you get nothing. All I can tell you is compare labels and nutritional value.

Another thing to consider are the calories, they should fall in the range of 220 to 320 (for weight loss, shoot for less than 280). That is the guideline that I stick too and it has worked for me. In addition to the protein bar, you can also supplement the protein shake to offset the taste, these taste good for the most part. In addition it gives you another way to eat a meal, without having to eat a bar, everyday before or after your work-out. If it is a bar you prefer, then keep them low in carbs-25 grams or less.

Cheap Walt Disney World Trip Review

Cheap Walt Disney World Trip Review

Here is a review of how to take a cheap trip Walt Disney World, whether you are a Florida Resident or not. If you are a Florida Resident, then I will also add a paragraph in this post on how you too can benefit from a Walt Disney World trip.

Cheap Walt Disney World Trips

In order to spend as little money as possible here are a few tips to help you along your trip and make sure that you follow these as I am a Walt Disney World fanatic and my trips span over 68 visits in over 22 years to Kissimmee Florida. Now I enjoy trips to Universal Studios and Sea World, and some of the other tourist attractions in the Orlando/Kissimmee area, but for my money I prefer Disney World hands down.

OK so you want to save some money, well here are some of the things that you can do to help offset the very heavy costs of a Disney World stay for at least a week, as well as some of the tickets necessary to enjoy the Summer fun or any other seasonal time that you wish to visit the Walt Disney World theme parks. Parks like the Magic Kingdom, Epcot (my favorite), Hollywood Studios, and of course Animal Kingdom. Let’s not forget the water park theme attractions of Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

Forget that trick to get reduced tickets for a seminar. Nobody wants to go to Orlando and sit through a 4 hour seminar to get some cheap tickets at a reduced price. First of all, Walt Disney World finances tickets for people who want to get annual passes. Something I recommend if you have small children or pre-teens. Heck in my home even the teens love the Walt Disney World family of entertainment as much as I do and my younger kids. So special financing through Walt Disney World is available. These come with low monthly payments and they finance them for one year. Can’t beat that, especially since the first installment is lower than the price you would pay to foot the entertainment bill for 1 week. Really!

There are also many different Walt Disney World cruise line / theme park packages around that you can get at discount prices. These packages come with a 3-4 day cruise and a trip to the Magic Kingdom theme parks as well as the Walt Disney World resort hotels. Even though Port Canaveral Florida departs quite a ways from Orlando, Walt Disney World offers transportation (bus) from one place to the other. Expect a short 3-4 hour trip depending on local traffic and pick up times.

Walt Disney World Dining

Walt Disney World offers everything from casual dining to fine dining. Most of these packages can come with a dining plan. I will say this, the dining plan is not what it once was, nor is it as cheap as it once was, but there are plenty of bargain plans out there. This can also be part of your package deal. Check deals and pricing before actually committing to it.

Walt Disney World Florida Resident

The Walt Disney Florida resident plans are very special, and they include a host of special perks. The only catch is that you have to reside in Florida to take advantage of the deal. Great pricing on tickets and some incredible three and four-day ticket plans. Making special Walt Disney World theme parks available at just about $45 a day. Certainly something to look into when purchasing tickets as a Florida Resident is the AAA auto plan deals. These ticket deals are just as superb as any other ticket deal out there. All of these plans come with the added value that you can add water theme parks to your tickets for a small fee. So really as a Florida resident, there is no reason that you should not be taking advantage of this deal and making a trip to Walt Disney World very soon. See you there.

My Kids Love Dogs

My Kids Love Dogs

So Are You Searching For The Perfect Pet Dog For Your Family?

My family has a tradition of loving large dogs. My wife loves them, my kids and me too.  I love large dogs because they are kind of goofy. It has always been said that dog is man’s best friend, but in my home my dogs equally make me feel like I am their best friend. There are many benefits to having dogs.  and it may just be the perfect pet for the entire family, certainly one of the best interacting pets of all time, and extremely intelligent. Beside for the most part they are really cute and cuddly. Save money today on your pet supplies, you deserve this!

My Two English Mastiffs…

I recently brought home two female sibling English Mastiffs. My daughter named them Brandee and Milly short for (Milagros) which is Spanish for miracle. She was sick as a pup. Now all better, she is a wonderful piece to our family puzzle. The best thing about them is the playfulness and their jealousy which they display each and everyday. If I pet one more than the other, they make a howling noise, which let’s me know I need to pet the other some more.  Many types of  dogs can be dangerous, but these over-grown English Mastiffs which are not yet two years old (November) already weigh in excess of 160 lbs. They love to tear up my yards, though.

Taking care of dogs entails a great deal of dedication and love, because they rely on you for everything. Food, water, and fun time as well. They want that human touch. You cannot just toss them into a yard and expect them to fend for themselves. I get very upset when I see strays about the town, this tells me that for the most part people quickly fade out with the novelty of having a pup. Once the dog grows up a little, he or she is tossed out to the curb. This is a bad situation for the animals and for the neighbors.

The upkeep in terms of time and money is also as large as my dogs. Dogs are a heavy responsibility both money wise as well as the responsibility of the time, that it takes to care for them. Walking them for exercise is a must if you want a healthy and active dog. Getting a dog for your kids will most definitely mean that you have to give of your time since taking care of them might be to overwhelming for your kids. I have small kids and my dogs are huge.

These breed of dog originally came from a region in England, and while there are many varieties of the Mastiff, they are quite smart. At one time, they were the chosen dog of the Spartans. Big, strong and muscular. Which is how I keep mine. Very little fat on them at all. This is always good for their hind legs which is something that always seems to break down on large breed dogs. Please always take care of your dogs, and visit some of these sites that I have placed here for you to get yourself a nice discount on some of the products that you possibly already use on a daily basis. Thanks for reading.